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Smart Data, the new El Dorado for Category Managers

The challenge facing consumer goods brands today is to determine how to satisfy consumer demand the best, while maximizing product sales. With ever more demanding clients and distributors, manufacturers are continuously seeking to improve the visibility and the profitability of their products. Building a product portfolio and optimizing its distribution are indispensable tasks that fall to Category Managers (CatMan), who serve as essential bridges between marketing and sales. Their main objective is to always maintain an all-knowing perspective on how to roll out and optimize the product range. Whenever possible, they need to be informed about: • references to their products; • the prices charged for them; • ongoing sales; • shortages at each point of sale/chain; • the competition’s movements; • and any faint signals hinting at upcoming market developments. Managing all of that information means being capable...

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Coca-Cola and L’Oréal pull ahead on the e-commerce playing field

We have entered a new era of consumer goods – a new era in which brands are confronted with environmental changes resulting from new needs, on the part of both consumers and manufacturers. Innovation in the consumer goods sector is largely connected to the digitization of services: consumers are more and more technology-dependent, and their purchasing behaviors are changing accordingly. The increased accessibility of smartphones and social networks further contributes to these patterns. The result is a major need for brands to build strong relationships with their customers, and – why not? – to do the same for the products that they sell. This is especially true when you consider the fact that consumers are increasingly attracted to cross-channel buying methods! In a context of constant technological evolution, consumers have become...

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Drive service

Consumers/Distribution modes turned upside down by a winning combination: Drive-in and Digital Apps

Pioneered by the Auchan supermarket chain back in the early 2000s, this concept experienced a boom in France starting in the early 2010s. This growth is supported by numbers. As written in an article in Challenges (in French), “the system generated more than €3 billion in revenue in 2013, compared with €2 billion the previous year.” This expansion can be explained by a sky-rocketing number of pick-up grocery sites (which tripled in the space of two years, for a total of 3,000 in 2013). Their market share also increased tremendously, the author of the article continues, rising from a “0.7% market share in January 2011 to 3.9% in January 2014” (KantarWorldPanel*). This new concept is particularly appealing to young couples, as well as families with children, among whom the penetration rate is...

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