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Digital: a crucial growth factor for consumer goods players!

Invented by Auchan in the early 2000s, pick-up grocery services have expanded exponentially in France. There are now more than 3,230 pick-up sites operational. The sector has already generated more than €2 billion in net sales in 2014 (source: Nielsen). The concept’s success lies in the undeniable advantages it offers to consumers: time savings, convenience, peace of mind and budget control. No more “chore shopping” or impulse buys. This new food distribution method represents a formidable tool for chains’ geographic and commercial expansion. Taking advantage of a favorable regulatory environment, they have embarked in an absolute race to open new sites. There are three models of pick-up sites: solo, attached or in-store picking. Launching a pick-up service requires a real investment: €2 to 4 million for a solo or attached pick-up...

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SaaS: an increasingly successful model!

“Today, SaaS is the most mature option on the market, with the strongest growth on the software segment.” This was the finding reported by AFDEL, the French association of software vendors, in its 2013 report. Often considered as a back-up solution to supplement existing software or quickly satisfy new needs, it is becoming more and more common for the SaaS model to completely replace traditional applications. According to Gartner, a research and advisory company, 60% of software will use the SaaS model for distribution by 2018. Its reach has continued to expand in France in recent years. According to the IDC market intelligence firm, the French SaaS market should increase from €349M in 2010 to €1,792M in 2015. The SaaS model is experiencing growing success, because it is radically changing how...

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