What if your banners could be transactional?

“It’s no longer a matter of having a digital strategy, but of having a strategy for a digital world.”* Today’s consumer goods players are fully aware of this reality. The buying process has become both digital and cross-channel: 53% of buyers regularly pick up Internet orders at their local chain store (Nextcontent study). The relationship between online and offline is an integral part of any sales strategy. In response to increasingly connected, mobile consumers who practice ROPO (research online, purchase offline), brands are now faced with a new challenge: how can you easily guide e-shoppers all the way through confirming their purchase? In a highly competitive environment, it is crucial to be able to offer a seamless, consistent multi-channel experience that transforms every point of contact into a potential sales vehicle. The...

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Reading, writing, counting and coding!

“Young people today have lots of experience and familiarity interacting with new technologies, but a lot less with creating with new technologies, and expressing themselves with these new technologies. It’s almost as if they can read but not write with new technologies,” explained Mitch Resnick, Director of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group, in a TEDx video in 2012. The digital world is turning the planet upside down, and this is especially true for French society. These days, more and more jobs demand in-depth coding knowledge, but the number of experts in this domain remains low, which is why François Hollande wants to introduce our children to coding in schools. Not only will students be made into professional coders, but their digital culture will also develop and this is so important in an...

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