Intersport and Krys use Swaven’s Where To Buy technology to drive traffic into stores

Shoppable content is not only reserved for product brands. Multi-brand retailers can also profit from Swaven’s Where To Buy technology to drive consumers to their online and physical stores. The solution boosts the results of special offers and campaigns during peak sales periods but also always-on marketing activities throughout the year when pushing messages to different audiences. Intersport, the world’s leading sporting goods retailer and Krys Group, leading French optical retailer group, have already started running shoppable video campaigns with Swaven’s unique Where To Buy technology.   Digital at the service of bricks and mortar   Present in 66 countries with 5.500 stores, Intersport keeps developing its activities and its distribution network around the world. In France, the group continued to expand last year with over 40 new/enlarged stores and more are in plans...

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Peugeot adopts Swaven’s Where To Buy solution for its video campaign

Peugeot recently ran a video campaign during the ‘week of tires’ in France with a special offer of -50% on the second tire bought. In order to help consumers rapidly find their way to the closest dealers, Peugeot integrated Swaven’s Where To Buy solution in its video. When a user clicks on the button appearing on the video, the solution geo-localises him/her and shows, in real-time, a list of dealers in the vicinity where the tires can be bought and changed. By directing the consumer in one click towards the shops to finalise purchase, the brand not only improves customer experience but also considerably increases the chances for conversion. Each extra click needed from the user to find their way to the right place induces an average of 30 to 50%...

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Boost your Mother’s and Father’s Day sales with shoppable videos powered by Swaven

Swaven offers a special deal* to brands to boost their video ad campaigns for Mother’s and Father’s Day in France by making them instantly shoppable.   A second Christmas for parents in France? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are important sales opportunities for consumer brands worldwide. In France especially, since more than 80% of people offer a gift to celebrate their mothers and 66% do the same for their fathers according to a study by Toluna. Another study reported that 60% of May’s revenues in France last year were generated two weeks before Mother’s Day. What comes to distribution of the gifts, shopping centres were favored last year with 43% of purchasing intentions, followed by smaller shops with 40%, surprisingly ahead of online shops (27%) that had been the most popular channel the year...

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