Or Expresso Splendente

L’Or Espresso adopts the Buy now button on its last video campaign, Splendente

This summer, L’Or Espresso launched a video campaign to promote coffee capsules, Splendente.   To support its media plan, L’Or Espresso and its advertising agency decided to integrate the Buy now by Swaven to generate commitment.     From the consumer side, the shopping experience is very interesting. In two clicks, the consumer can buy his coffee capsules at the retailer of his choice and close to him. Indeed, when the Buy button activated, a widget opens and localize the consumer and offering to him various retailers in his area, with the product.        ...

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Danone news

Danone continues its collaboration with Swaven and improves the consumer’s journey

Danone, the French multinational food-products corporation based in Paris decided to introduce two landing pages with Swaven. The first one is on the Dan-On website where it is possible to located a multitude of brands products like:   The other one concerns all of the products from Danonino’s brand and it directly localized on brands website : http://boutique.danonino.fr/ The shopper finds more easily the Danone’s products thanks to Swaven technology since it allows to locate the shopper and show it various retailers around its localization. Thanks to this landing page, Danone retrieves the data provides by a dashboard that informs on the different behavior of its consumers in real time.  ...

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Zootopia movie

TOMY helps its shoppers along its media campaign’s shopping path

TOMY is a Japanese manufacturer of toys, video games and other products and entertainment for children. For the release of the latest Disney movie, Zootopia, TOMY wanted to help its shoppers along its media campaign’s shopping path. To optimize that shopping path, TOMY decided to adopt Swaven’s solution. In other words, TOMY opted to integrate a landing page as a redirect platform. The landing page shows 20 figurines like Judy, Kevin and Mr. Big. Shoppers can then go to the proposed products via a drop-down menu on the left.     The users can select the product of their choice and see which retailers are selling it nearby. For each available toy, a whole series of retailers is provided, ranging from pure players (Amazon) to drive-throughs (supermarkets) to specialists (toy stores). Each shopper can...

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LaRéclame made a study case about our collaboration with Mixa

Swaven continues its collaboration with Mixa brand and improves the user experience by making it shoppable advertising. According to Laurent Quatrefages , " advertising and our technology inspire the buying journey and especially  during replay since the user can pause the program time to realize his purchase." Accès à l'article: Comment la publicité shoppable accélère le parcours client Par Xuoan D. (LaRéclame)...

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Warner Bros adopts the Swaven’s Where To Buy button for its Hunger Games campaign

For the latest release of the famous Hunger Games series, Warner Bros have decided to on-board Swaven’s brand commerce solution to boost their DVD sales. Turning advertising campaigns into transactional features, Swaven have leveraged their partnership with Overviews to integrate within the replay TV and pre-roll ads broadcast by the distribution company. Within a couple clicks, shoppers could redirect to their preferred retailers to order or the closest store to buy. From the advertiser’s point of view, Swaven’s technologies help minimising the number of interactions to buy online and generate incremental spontaneous purchasing on top of raising exposure and awareness. Following the campaign, a number of insights and recommendations, as well as behavioural data have been rendered to Warner Bros to develop their understanding on the retailer’s popularity for the entertainment industry....

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Mixa renews its experience with Swaven’s Where To Buy feature on its digital campaigns

Following successful trials with Swaven, Mixa (L’Oréal Group), decided to embed a “Buy Now” experience to promote one of theirs top sellers : Mixa Collant Minceur (slimming tights). Their media agency, Zenith Optimedia integrated Swaven’s widget on all its replay ads broadcast by the private TV channel, M6.  ...

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Playstation gets the Swaven’s Where To Buy button for its Uncharted 4 campaign

Playstation adopts again a Swaven solution, the shoppable video. When launching the new Playstation  game Uncharted 4. The shoppable video has been used to promote the game while enhancing the customer experience. Between May 05, and May 09, 2016, video compaigns to promote the game where boosted with button internet users watching the Uncharted 4 trailer would buy the game at any time by clicking order in the right corner of the video. That brought up the widget with direct purchase options for each store:   Clicking “Buy” redirected users to the product details so they could add the game to their basket and continue watching the video.   With Shoppable Video, Sony Computer Entertainment was able to offer its customers: The opportunity to buy without disrupting their video viewing A simple redirect to...

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L’Oréal Luxury simplifies the shoppers’ purchasing journey on their display ads!

In the continuity of a very successful partnership with L’Oréal FMCG and beauty divisions, L’Oréal Luxury division went on with Swaven, in November to release a multi-screen, multi-brand campaign. Performance banners and programmatic videos are fitted with a Where To Buy feature offering consumers to redirect to their preferred retailers (Sephora, Marionnaud, Nocibé, Galeries Lafayette, Place des Tendances) to complete their purchase journey. Therefore L'Oréal has used two of our solutions, Shoppable Display and Shoppable Video, to combine branding and sales. Amongst the advertised brands: Diesel, Lancôme, Cacharel Amor Amor, Armani Sì & Acqua di Gio. Click on the following images to preview the related experience…     Over the period preceding Christmas celebrations, Swaven highlighted very promising results towards transactional performance in the beauty industry. Up to 0,26% of the banners viewers and 14%...

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The Seductive Power of Carte Noire within a Click’s Reach!

Carte Noire, the famous coffee company founded in 1978, has been combining the values of seduction and intensity for decades now, and the “coffee named desire” continues to transmit the love of coffee by adapting to the latest trends in omni-channel buying. And that is how Carte Noire came to partner with Swaven, the Brand Commerce Company, using a wide range of our solutions. After a successful banner campaign run by Swaven, Carte Noire launched a video operation using the Shoppable Video technology to encourage consumers to go to the brand’s website, Amazon or one of the classic retail chains’ websites to order their coffee pods. Our solution spotlights the Espresso Intense N°9 and 11 capsules: in just two clicks, consumers can buy them online or be directed to the nearest store....

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Philips HUE video ads showing a « Buy Now » option

Towards the end of the year’s celebrations, Philips have decided to promote their HUE GO portable lights by broadcasting video adverts embedded with Swaven’s Where To Buy technology. In partnership with MyTF1, Advideum, Massmotion and Carat, Swaven’s feature has enabled the brand to display an instant buying option on pre-roll formats, catch-up TV and a responsive landing page for mobile users. Shoppers interacting with the videos are being offered to either redirect to the product page from one of the suggested pure-players (e.g. Amazon, Cdiscount) or locate the nearby physical boutiques (e.g. Fnac, Darty, Conforama) to complete their purchase. The HUE GO Shoppable Videos are running since November, 18th up until the 10th of December. They make branding communications more business-driven and provide consumers with a friendlier shopping experience. Preview the Philips HUE GO Shoppable...

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