L’Oréal uses Swaven’s Where To Buy in its shoppable videos for Cadum and Vivelle DOP brands

Continuing its successful experiences with Swaven’s Where To Buy solution, L’Oréal recently ran shoppable video campaigns for the brands Cadum and Vivelle DOP, that are part of the LaSCAD branch. By transforming its videos into shoppable offers with Swaven, L’Oréal is enhancing the user experience, driving traffic towards its retailers online and offline and adding concrete commercial value to its marketing campaigns. Cadum is one of the most famous solid and liquid soaps brands in France, created in 1907. In its new video, a shower gel with aloe vera is put forward:     When a user clicks on the ‘buy’ button appearing on the left of the video, the solution geo-localises him/her and shows, in real-time, a list of retailers selling the product. In one click the consumer arrives at the right destination...

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Or Expresso Splendente

L’Or Espresso adopts the Buy now button on its last video campaign, Splendente

This summer, L’Or Espresso launched a video campaign to promote coffee capsules, Splendente.   To support its media plan, L’Or Espresso and its advertising agency decided to integrate the Buy now by Swaven to generate commitment.     From the consumer side, the shopping experience is very interesting. In two clicks, the consumer can buy his coffee capsules at the retailer of his choice and close to him. Indeed, when the Buy button activated, a widget opens and localize the consumer and offering to him various retailers in his area, with the product.        ...

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Danone news

Danone continues its collaboration with Swaven and improves the consumer’s journey

Danone, the French multinational food-products corporation based in Paris decided to introduce two landing pages with Swaven. The first one is on the Dan-On website where it is possible to located a multitude of brands products like:   The other one concerns all of the products from Danonino’s brand and it directly localized on brands website : The shopper finds more easily the Danone’s products thanks to Swaven technology since it allows to locate the shopper and show it various retailers around its localization. Thanks to this landing page, Danone retrieves the data provides by a dashboard that informs on the different behavior of its consumers in real time.  ...

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PUIG improve its customer experience

In March, in collaboration with AdVideum and Swaven, PUIG have added an e-commerce lever within its advertising campaigns. Thanks to the “Buy Now” widget developed by Swaven, the group offers a more connected experience while shoppers can now pursue their purchasing journey, via their preferred retailers, given their geolocation and the advertised product availability. This feature can also be embedded in videos and banners for most DSP and Ad-exchange platforms available in the market, enabling AdVideum to broadcast on most publishing networks. To address more effectively PUIG’s requirements, the Instant Purchasing solution has been implemented on pre-roll as well as a set of customisable landing pages that can be triggered from social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest). A dozen million of users have yet been offered to buy from Olympea and Invictus fragrance through. And...

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Mixa renews its experience with Swaven’s Where To Buy feature on its digital campaigns

Following successful trials with Swaven, Mixa (L’Oréal Group), decided to embed a “Buy Now” experience to promote one of theirs top sellers : Mixa Collant Minceur (slimming tights). Their media agency, Zenith Optimedia integrated Swaven’s widget on all its replay ads broadcast by the private TV channel, M6.  ...

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The Seductive Power of Carte Noire within a Click’s Reach!

Carte Noire, the famous coffee company founded in 1978, has been combining the values of seduction and intensity for decades now, and the “coffee named desire” continues to transmit the love of coffee by adapting to the latest trends in omni-channel buying. And that is how Carte Noire came to partner with Swaven, the Brand Commerce Company, using a wide range of our solutions. After a successful banner campaign run by Swaven, Carte Noire launched a video operation using the Shoppable Video technology to encourage consumers to go to the brand’s website, Amazon or one of the classic retail chains’ websites to order their coffee pods. Our solution spotlights the Espresso Intense N°9 and 11 capsules: in just two clicks, consumers can buy them online or be directed to the nearest store....

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Nivea finetunes its customer experience!

Always at the cutting edge of digital innovation, Nivea contacted Swaven to support its video advertising campaign when launching its Q10 Plus Serum. This visibility campaign run by Advideum from September 7 to October 4, 2015, was boosted with a buy button, located in the bottom right corner of the video. At any time while watching the video, Internet users could click the button and check the serum’s real-time availability at local stores and online retailers. Then, all they needed to do was add the product to their basket, and the video continued. With Swaven’s Shoppable Video, Nivea was able to offer Internet users a simple, efficient purchasing opportunity. And consumers were not the only ones to benefit – retailers also enjoyed effortless qualified, profitable traffic. The brand can now instantly boost its online...

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Danone Improves its Customer Experience!

The Danone Group recently launched a new platform dubbed DanOn. This new development places the customer at the heart of innovation, in terms of both products and services. It offers web users personalized recipes and meal-planning ideas for the whole family, as well as coupons. While Danone’s primary mission is “offering everyone high quality food through all of life’s stages,” ours is guiding brands in improving their customer experiences. This is why we are delighted to be able to count the world leader in fresh dairy products among our clients. In the interest of supporting consumers throughout their experience, the group elected to implement our Where to Buy solution on its website. As a result, a “Buy” button is now available on its Danacol, Petit Gervais, Gervais, Taillefine and Danette product pages. By...

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Shiseido gets closer to its customers!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of Shiseido to our list of new clients. Originally from Japan, this brand operates in the luxury cosmetics sector. It is particularly appreciated by professionals as well as individuals, giving it strong brand equity. In order to deliver a better user experience on the brand’s website and continue developing its collaboration with top specialized retailers, Shiseido has opted to add a feature allowing users to see where they can find the brand’s products nearby or online. For this, Shiseido chose Swaven’s Where to Buy solution, which also gives it: • The opportunity to massively relieve the brand’s customer service team’s workload, with regard to requests for retail locations that sell its products • Data and statistics for a better understanding of online buying behaviors and...

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Social Commerce: a radiant future for Consumer Goods

The era of social consumption is only just beginning. With more than 32 million registered users in France, social networks now offer unparalleled visibility for leading consumer brands. The challenge is a sizable one: how do we attract this enormous potential audience and then guide them all the way to an actual purchase? While social media provides an ideal playing ground for enhancing customer relations, their influence on the sales process has become essential for today’s brands. The numbers bear this out: • 74% of e-shoppers use social media to form an opinion of a product before adding it to their shopping cart*; • 33% of them have started a purchase process after seeing a promotion on a social network**. In addition, social commerce is expected to generate $30 billion in revenue by year-end...

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