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Unlock unlimited growth potential for your brands in e-commerce

Team Work
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Unlock unlimited growth potential for your brands in e-commerce

Team Work

Be shoppable everywhere

We help you make informed decisions on how to drive sales conversion online and offline
by making every single consumer touch point a shoppable opportunity that you can analyze, qualify and optimize.

Make your brand PoP


Our unique proprietary PoP (Point of Purchase) solution connects your brands with your consumers and your retailers.

Our PoPs capture sales data from almost every single retailer around the world while offering a seamless immersive experience for your consumers.

Discover our NEW Instant Social Shopping solution.

Our PoPs can be deployed on...


Every digital touch point

website, social media, newsletter, chatbot

Every media type

organic, paid, earned and shared

Every content

post, story, video, banner

Every support

mobile, desktop, tablet

Go fast on Social Shopping!

We are e-marketers

At the crossroad of consumer, digital and retail, we are focused on actionable analytics to increase lead generation, sales conversion and marketing ROI.

What keeps us awake?


we offer the option to consumers to buy on- and offline, on marketplace sites or on your DTC platform


with real time pricing and inventory, we help you maximize sales conversion and optimize your marketing budget


we can track the full conversion funnel from impressions to sales and help you monetize your share of traffic with your retailers

They trust us

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Over 450 brands trust us around the world across beauty, food, wine & spirit, toy and appliance industries

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Over 1,200 retailer data are captured daily over 65 countries
around the world

0 M+

Over 100M products are connected to our technology across 6 continents

Worldwide capabilities.
Local expertise.

Our unique PoP technology is extremely easy and fast to implement.
With our 2 headquarters (Paris, France and Montreal, Canada), we cover all the different regions across the world and our international team will be able to assist you in any timezone.

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