Hello everyone,

The Swaven Active Insights blog is finally online!

We were very eager to launch it, so that we could discuss the subjects which most concern all of us: consumer goods, pick-up grocery services, big/smart data, e-commerce and analytics.

Our business environment lies at the crossroads between these different points, and you will soon discover how exciting this can be, because its impact on how our companies operate is highly instructive.

After launching our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, we are now taking the next step in our conversation with you, which we hope to see grow more and more. We will also take advantage of this blog to keep you informed of Swaven’s evolution as a young and highly talented French startup.

And as the saying goes, “the more the merrier!” Please feel free to share your favorite articles.

Thank you for taking the time to read this first post through to the end! Texts with more than 140 characters have become a rarity these days.

Swaven’s team of GOs (gracious organizers)!

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