SaaS: an increasingly successful model!

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“Today, SaaS is the most mature option on the market, with the strongest growth on the software segment.” This was the finding reported by AFDEL, the French association of software vendors, in its 2013 report. Often considered as a back-up solution to supplement existing software or quickly satisfy new needs, it is becoming more and more common for the SaaS model to completely replace traditional applications. According to Gartner, a research and advisory company, 60% of software will use the SaaS model for distribution by 2018. Its reach has continued to expand in France in recent years. According to the IDC market intelligence firm, the French SaaS market should increase from €349M in 2010 to €1,792M in 2015.

The SaaS model is experiencing growing success, because it is radically changing how software is sold and used.

First, clients go online and subscribe directly to the applications. They no longer need to own them and so are free to switch if, at some point in the future, the software no longer meets their needs.

No more purchasing, no more installation of additional hardware and no investments in new servers to support the extra load. Maintenance and updates are now managed by the owner. IT is relieved of a considerable, time-consuming workload and can save its most precious assets: resources and time.

Clients can also make more flexible use of the software. Time and place are no longer restrictions. Clients can work from anywhere with an Internet connection, at any time of day. And they can even access the application on a tablet or smartphone before getting into the office.

The supply of SaaS solutions is expanding significantly and represents a credible alternative in such different domains as:

• CRM / Marketing

• HR

• Accounting and Finance


• Business Intelligence and Big Data

A clear trend is emerging: a growing number of players are rolling out SaaS solutions in response to specific needs. Many French software companies now offer SaaS applications with Adobe Campaign (CRM/marketing), Talentsoft (HR), Trace One (food industry and distribution), SynerTrade (purchasing management) and Esker (automation of document processes and paperless administrative documents) heading up the list.

Backed by this observation, Swaven Active Insights developed its application suite as a SaaS solution and, as a result, has given its clients in the consumer goods sector gains in flexibility and speed for the management of their businesses, regardless of the device(s) (PC, mobile or tablet) that they use.

In short, the SaaS model continues to advance and is now establishing itself as a structurally durable technical solution. Transforming the client’s user experience, SaaS opens new possibilities for players in the world of consumer goods.

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