What if your banners could be transactional?

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“It’s no longer a matter of having a digital strategy, but of having a strategy for a digital world.”* Today’s consumer goods players are fully aware of this reality. The buying process has become both digital and cross-channel: 53% of buyers regularly pick up Internet orders at their local chain store (Nextcontent study).

The relationship between online and offline is an integral part of any sales strategy. In response to increasingly connected, mobile consumers who practice ROPO (research online, purchase offline), brands are now faced with a new challenge: how can you easily guide e-shoppers all the way through confirming their purchase?

In a highly competitive environment, it is crucial to be able to offer a seamless, consistent multi-channel experience that transforms every point of contact into a potential sales vehicle. The goal? To reduce the length of the conversion tunnel, between awareness of a product and its purchase.

When is the best time to approach the consumer? Which channel should be prioritized? Brands are ready and willing to expand their online communication levers in order to target their customers and attract new prospects.
From this perspective, digital advertising stands out as an essential tool. With 4% growth and net sales worth close to €3 billion as of the end of 2014**, the investment in digital media from French advertisers is now the 2nd, just behind TV.

Although the French market is dynamic and has strong potential for further development, one problem persists for advertisers: how to measure their concrete returns on investment for each digital media campaign? The increased number and variety of smart devices makes the buying process more complex and more difficult for brands to interpret.

Furthermore, advertising banners do not tell consumers how or where they can buy the product. As a result, players in the world of consumer goods remain dependent on distributors to sell their products and report back with performance analyses.

But what if each banner displayed could be transformed into a direct sales channel for the brand? This is the promise of the Ban Tran solution from Swaven Active Insights. By clicking on a dedicated button, the user can immediately see where to buy the product nearby and add it to his/her shopping cart – directly from the banner.

This solution makes digital advertising a real commercial investment for brands, who can kill three birds with one stone:

• Simplifying the e-shopper’s buying experience;

• Increasing their digital media campaigns’ ROI, since each advertisement is transactional;

• Viewing performance indicators on a smart dashboard, for each product and brand name (traffic, leads, sales, etc.).

This innovation is a promising driver of growth and has already been adopted by a large number of brands, including Ferrero Rocher, L’OR EspressO and Lancôme. With this new ability to encourage impulse buys while optimizing their results and media budgets, they now enjoy a decisive advantage over the competition.

* Matthieu Aubusson, PwC’s Leader for Digital Transformation France

** E-Advertising Observatory results, published by SRI and UDECAM, in partnership with PwC

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