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For several months now, we’ve been telling you about our various digital solutions, like Where To Buy and Ban Tran, two modules that allow you to offer your customers an enhanced experience, on your brand’s website and on your banners, via a smooth, direct purchase funnel. What more could you ask for?

Now, you’re probably wondering about how our services actually perform. It’s true that we issue regular communications about our new clients and the rollout of our modules. But you have no concrete proof that our clients are fully satisfied and are meeting their targets thanks to our solutions.

At a time when digital technology is becoming a normal part of our day-to-day lives, consumer habits are being turned completely upside down and are still continuing to change. That makes it hard to be perfectly in tune with consumers’ expectations. However, it’s clear that increasing the number of quality points of contact between the customer and the product is a vital necessity.

The only hitch is that brands don’t typically have the time or the resources to transform their brand websites into direct sales channels. And for those who have gone down that path, the experience hasn’t always panned out. At any rate, that’s what Guillaume Du Gardier, Head of Digital Europe at Ferrero told us:

“For me, the very high added value of Swaven’s solutions lies in the possibility of not having to deal with e-shop issues. We tested out an e-business model for two years, using our own e-shop, which was extremely complicated for us. For several years now, I’ve been looking for a solution that could have an impact on our clients’ sales without having to manage a whole online shop.”

We have been working with the Ferrero Group since September 2014. In the space of six months, they have gradually integrated our WTB module into five of their brand websites:,,, and The module seems to resolve one of Guillaume Du Gardier’s key concerns, who, for years, had wanted to be able to take back control over relationships with consumers and work smarter with distributors.

These days, everything hinges on customer relations and the user experience, which is why Maison du Café has been working with us since the end of October 2014. Fabrice Aziza, Marketing Director at Maison du Café, wanted to maximize his ROI per consumer and increase L’Or EspressO’s share of total coffee pod purchases.

“Swaven’s solution will help me to achieve those goals, because it allows me to transform a purely content-based site to a retail site by capitalizing on consumers’ information searches. This makes it possible to convert them to a purchase, while still allowing them to go to the brand with which they’re used to doing their shopping.”

Since WTB was implemented on their website, 27% of visitors have activated the L’Or EspressO widget, while 58% of them were redirected to a distributor. Being happy with these initial results, Maison du Café immediately tested our Ban Tran module on their Matinata pods in November and December 2014.

This solution, which transforms digital advertising into transactional banners, also won over the Ferrero Group: “I would almost compare Swaven’s solution to the Holy Grail. It completes the loop and positions all of our brand campaigns to promote purchase conversions because we can install it anywhere online, whether on our brand websites or as part of any media campaign.” (Guillaume Du Gardier, Head of Digital Europe for Ferrero)

During the winter holidays, Ferrero Rocher banners were displayed with a “Buy” button. Then, in late January 2015, the group launched a “Nutella revives Candlemas” campaign in France. It reached more than 6 million page views, and 30% of users who saw it were redirected to a distributor.

To maintain focus and save time, figures and key data are reproduced on our dashboard. This makes it easier to track products and media campaigns on a daily basis. And as they say, “He who has time, has life.” The rest is up to you!

With the digital transformation of society, the challenge is to combine both direct-to-customer and ROI on marketing budgets, without, however, embarking on lengthy and costly IT projects. This is why we need to be at the cutting edge of digital innovation, to help FMCG brands to overcome these issues, with complete peace of mind.

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