Playstation gets the Swaven’s buy button for its Uncharted 4 campaign

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Playstation adopts again a Swaven solution, the shoppable video. When launching the new Playstation  game Uncharted 4. The shoppable video has been used to promote the game while enhancing the customer experience. Between May 05, and May 09, 2016, video compaigns to promote the game where boosted with button internet users watching the Uncharted 4 trailer would buy the game at any time by clicking order in the right corner of the video.

Capture d’écran 2016-05-12 à 15.06.28

That brought up the widget with direct purchase options for each store:


Capture d’écran 2016-05-12 à 15.06.38

Clicking “Buy” redirected users to the product details so they could add the game to their basket and continue watching the video.


Capture d’écran 2016-05-12 à 15.07.17

With Shoppable Video, Sony Computer Entertainment was able to offer its customers:

  • The opportunity to buy without disrupting their video viewing
  • A simple redirect to online retailer product pages
  • Real-time information on game availability

By optimizing the customer experience, the group was able to boost sales without bypassing its distribution network.

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