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In March, in collaboration with AdVideum and Swaven, PUIG have added an e-commerce lever within its advertising campaigns.

Thanks to the “Buy Now” widget developed by Swaven, the group offers a more connected experience while shoppers can now pursue their purchasing journey, via their preferred retailers, given their geolocation and the advertised product availability. This feature can also be embedded in videos and banners for most DSP and Ad-exchange platforms available in the market, enabling AdVideum to broadcast on most publishing networks.

To address more effectively PUIG’s requirements, the Instant Purchasing solution has been implemented on pre-roll as well as a set of customisable landing pages that can be triggered from social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest). A dozen million of users have yet been offered to buy from Olympea and Invictus fragrance through. And a few dozen thousands of them reached out to the retailer’s page to conclude their purchase, across all these brands’ campaigns.

Using a  Shoppable Video and adopting the buy now widget has endowed PUIG with the full power to make each point of contact with web users a transactional opportunity. In this way, Swaven has helped PUIG to:

  • Noticeably increase its online and ROPO (research online, purchase offline) sales, thanks to a simplified buying process;
  • Receive quantified reports on its campaigns’ ROI;
  • Increase its customer knowledge by collecting key shopper data allowing it to understand their behavioral patterns.

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