TOMY helps its shoppers along its media campaign’s shopping path

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TOMY is a Japanese manufacturer of toys, video games and other products and entertainment for children.

For the release of the latest Disney movie, Zootopia, TOMY wanted to help its shoppers along its media campaign’s shopping path. To optimize that shopping path, TOMY decided to adopt Swaven’s solution. In other words, TOMY opted to integrate a landing page as a redirect platform. The landing page shows 20 figurines like Judy, Kevin and Mr. Big. Shoppers can then go to the proposed products via a drop-down menu on the left.


geolocalization tomy zootopia


The users can select the product of their choice and see which retailers are selling it nearby. For each available toy, a whole series of retailers is provided, ranging from pure players (Amazon) to drive-throughs (supermarkets) to specialists (toy stores). Each shopper can then choose whether to buy online or find the most convenient brick-and-mortar location to visit.

This improves the shopping experience, because a single tool lets TOMY redirect its shoppers to their preferred stores, whether online or off.

With regard to the benefits for the brand, the transfer rate made it possible to estimate potential turnover, the share of online transfers by retailer, the geolocalization of points of sale and, lastly, the popularity of all of the products available on its website.

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