Peugeot adopts Swaven’s shoppable solution for its video campaign

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Peugeot recently ran a video campaign during the ‘week of tires’ in France with a special offer of -50% on the second tire bought. In order to help consumers rapidly find their way to the closest dealers, Peugeot integrated Swaven’s Where To Buy solution in its video.

When a user clicks on the button appearing on the video, the solution geo-localises him/her and shows, in real-time, a list of dealers in the vicinity where the tires can be bought and changed. By directing the consumer in one click towards the shops to finalise purchase, the brand not only improves customer experience but also considerably increases the chances for conversion. Each extra click needed from the user to find their way to the right place induces an average of 30 to 50% loss of audience.

During the short campaign from 16th to 22nd March, an important number of users were redirected to visit the campaign page on a dealer’s site or to locate a shop near to them. The ratio of people arriving on the right page thanks to the Where To Buy solution was tremendous compared to not having the solution in place. Without it, the user needed minimum 8 clicks to arrive to the same place and this in the best scenario without calculating the risk of errors. Peugeot was also able to collect valuable data related to consumer interactions and to see for example which shops were the most looked for amongst its network of more than 650 dealers throughout France.

See the Peugeot example here and other shoppable videos powered by Swaven here.

Swaven’s shoppable Where To Buy solution offers a direct route to commerce opportunities. It also allows brands like Peugeot to estimate the impact of their media investments, channel by channel, by generating concrete results and by collecting rich data on consumer interactions region by region based on their location. This in turn helps brands to develop their marketing strategy to further improve their reach.

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