How brands can drive traffic to their retailers from social media

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Social media are extremely potential channels for brand commerce. Messages can be targeted based on different audience profiles and users often already have a certain affinity towards the brands they are following, which makes it easier to catch their attention. By making their contents shoppable on social media, brands help their audiences to easily find their products. This in turn allows brands to get direct results from their ad campaigns. The advantages go both ways.

Social media platforms are suggesting more and more ways for brands and retailers to advertise and to offer shoppable content, to sell online. But did you know there is also an easy way for brands to drive traffic from social media to their physical stores and to their whole distribution network? A solution that gives consumers the possibility to choose the place they want to buy from, be it online or offline? One that only shows shops where the product is currently available and based on the users’ geographic location?

All this is possible with Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase solution for landing pages. See some examples and tips below on how to make your social media channels shoppable to drive traffic to your shops and retailers to boost sales.    

Why a landing page?

With our POP solution for landing page, you can shorten the purchase path as the consumers will directly land on the information they are interested in from your social media pages. Landing page is under your brand’s control, so you decide the layout and you will get all the data related to user activity.

Another advantage is that you can present different products in a carousel format, to give consumers a quick overview of the whole product range. This is useful when you have different nuances of the same product, take perfumes for example. With our solution, you can also direct consumers to a specific product of this range. Click on the image below to see an example of a landing page that our client Henkel Group is using for Taft:

It is easy for the user to select his/her preferred item from the carousel and to see, in real time, a list of retailers selling the chosen product nearby. The solution automatically geolocalises the user in order to show relevant stores on the landing page. The user can then choose his/her preferred shop either online or offline to finalise purchase.

Thanks to the responsive design of our solution that adapts to the media, the user has a seamless navigation experience, as if it was part of the original browser. The solution is also mobile responsive and has the same functionality on mobile phones and tablets as on laptops or desktop computers, so your consumers will enjoy the same service experience no matter what device they are using. 

How to direct consumers to landing page from social media

In order to activate users, it’s important to show clear call-to-action messages. On Facebook, you can integrate a call-to-action button on your cover page and on your Facebook Ads. See how Taft is using ‘Shop Now’ button on their Facebook cover page in France. By clicking on the button, the user is directed to the landing page

We recommend to add the landing page link to both your sponsored and free posts to multiply contact points. See as an example this video post of Chloé on Facebook:

Harness Youtube and Instagram ad formats

You can drive traffic to your retailers also from your Instagram and Youtube videos using our POP solution. Simply add a call-to-action to your different advertising formats and link it with your landing page. On Youtube, there are four options to attract user attention:

Companion banner: This is a clickable thumbnail image that accompanies a TrueView in-stream ad. On a YouTube page, it appears next to the ad, in the top right-hand corner. You can have up to 3 thumbnails of videos. Add a call-to-action note in the banner and link it to your landing page.

Cards: This format unveils a carousel of content cards when a user clicks on the top right corner of the video. Link the call-to-action to your landing page.

In the Chloé example below, the ad directs the user to only one retailer, Sephora. With Swaven’s landing page solution in place you can show different retailers selling the product to give consumers more choices. You will also give visibility to your retailers – in an order that you decide – and in return you are able to see which stores are the most looked for by users to optimise your campaigns.

Call-to-action overlays:

See an example of Call-to-Action overlays of Schwarzkopf below. They have used a phrase Buy now your TAFT product (Acheter dès maintenant votre produit TAFT) in the top left corner that leads to the landing page

End screens: This format invites your users to discover more of your content during the last 5-20 seconds of your ad. Use it to promote a product or a product range, add a call-to-action in the image and link it to your landing page to direct consumers to your stores.

Multiply your contact points

POP for landing page solution is a practical way to direct consumers if you wish to promote certain products or product ranges. In addition to different social media, you can increase your campaign’s success by using the same landing page on your website and in your emailings for the product(s) you are pushing.

Also, don’t hesitate to integrate the landing page link in your responses to visitors’ questions about the specific products. This will help them to get easily all information needed and allows you to easily direct them towards your distributors.  

Please contact us  for more information about Swaven’s different POP solutions for video, display, website and landing pages and how it works in different media.


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