Groupe SEB deploys Swaven’s in banner shoppable solution to boost its always-on marketing strategy

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Following a successful collaboration for videos of Rowenta and Calor brands in France, Groupe SEB, leader in small domestic equipment, continues to integrate Swaven’s multi-retailer POP (Point Of Purchase) solution into its media campaigns.

Today, more than 36 million French consumers shop or search for products online according to Médiamétrie. For Groupe SEB, the necessity to offer an optimised purchase path from all digital touch points seems therefore obvious. As the creator and the unique provider of POP (Point Of Purchase) in-banner format for video and display ads, Swaven has met Groupe SEB’s needs since 2015 for several brands such as Rowenta, Calor, Tefal, SEB and Moulinex.

Whether it’s a video or a banner, the principle is the same. A call-to-action “where to buy” is presented on the advertisement. By clicking on it, the shopper is located and sees the different online and offline distributors that have the product in stock. The consumer can then select his/her preferred shop and be redirected there to finalise purchase.


See how it works on the Rowenta video here!

By activating Swaven’s POP solution in their media campaigns, Groupe SEB brands offer an additional service to their consumers. They enhance the digital experience while driving traffic to their resellers and generating concrete results from their advertising. Each brand also obtains valuable data generated by the solution: consumer insights, distributor benchmark, amount of potential sales etc.

Initially, the group’s aim was to integrate Swaven in media campaigns only during the peak sales periods of the year. Then, the results and the interest from shoppers for the service convinced Groupe SEB to start using POP in always-on marketing which allows them to have a more regular stream of traffic towards resellers and improve the cost-effectiveness of their marketing spend throughout the year.

Groupe SEB’s own benchmark revealed that the cost of lead with Swaven’s POP is 6 times lower compared to the situation without the solution.


See a demo of the SEB brand’s display campaign here!

Providing consumers with a year-round buying opportunity allows Groupe SEB and its agencies (Netbooster and 1000mercis) also to better understand shopper behaviour in order to improve targeting during peak periods and to boost their retargeting campaigns.


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