Henkel powered its website for Le Chat brand with Swaven

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In order to drive sales to its online and offline retailers, Henkel is using Swaven’s Where To Buy solution for its Beauty and Home Care brands. The latest example concerns the laundry detergent brand Le Chat in France, known in other countries by the name Purex.

On this website Henkel is marketing its laundry detergent called Le Chat Sensitive made with sweet almond and marseille soap.




By clicking on the green call-to-action button ‘Acheter cet article’ (Buy this product), a list appears showing online and offline shops where the product is available. Swaven geolocates the users to show the closest physical stores and online shops so the consumers can choose where to buy, based on their preferences and loyalty programme memberships. The shopper is then redirected to the chosen shop to finalise purchase.


Where to Buy for website is a convenient and cost-effective way for FMCG brands to boost sales and  strengthen their relations with the consumers as well as their distribution network. Especially for product lines that are not sold in every shop, marketing through a specific website becomes more efficient and profitable if the visitors can in one click also find in which shops the products can be bought.


The results get even better if the brand uses, like Henkel, the Swaven Where To Buy solution in several touchpoints with consumers on websites, social networks, email, mobile, videos and display. This way, no matter the channel they use, the consumers will be reached and directed to the right place for their desired products.


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