Coty Bourjois accelerates the purchase path from its videos for customers in the Middle East

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In digital advertising, it is crucial for brands to create efficient campaigns that not only increase brand awareness but also generate more business. Transforming brand contents into shoppable campaigns with Swaven‘s multi-distributor solutions allows brands to get more out of their marketing investments.

With the same brand content, they can simultaneously generate instant purchases and potential leads to their resellers, improve customer experience, and track their consumers’ purchase paths to get valuable insights into their preferences.

Coty has realised this and is using Swaven’s technology in their video campaign for Bourjois with the aim of creating a seamless shopping experience for their clients in the United Arab Emirates.

Created in 1904, Coty is a multinational beauty company with products ranging from cosmetics over fragrances, skin and body care to hair styling. This new campaign continues the successful collaboration between Coty and Swaven which already includes several other brands such as Chloé, Hugo Boss, Lancasterand OPI. 

By making its campaign shoppable, the Bourjois brand was able to accelerate the purchase path and in turn drive qualified and geolocated traffic to their online and offline retailers. This is an effective way of not only boosting sales but also allows the brand to collect valuable insights into their clients’ shopping preferences in order to optimise their marketing performance.

When playing the Bourjois video, a ‘buy now’ button appears. It allows the viewer to directly access a list of retailers selling the product and to choose their preferred shop to finalise purchase.

Swaven’s unique in-video technology allows a seamless viewing experience. The list of retailers is displayed directly in the video ad space instead of another link or a separate window. The user is not disturbed and stays on the same page, and in the video he/she is watching. The brand keeps control of the purchase path and avoids losing the audiences interacting with them.

Swaven’s digital POP (Point Of Purchase) solutions are adapted to all digital channels such as website, banners, videos, social media, and more.

Contact us at Swaven for more details and a demonstration of how your brand can increase its marketing influence by adding our shoppable technology to all of your digital touch points.

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