Make your digital marketing campaigns POP!

Are you looking for a solution to boost the performance and results of your digital marketing campaigns? If so, you are in the right place. At Swaven, we are constantly developing our brand commerce technology to best answer these challenges.

Today, we are proud to present you POP (Point Of Purchase), our new generation of purchase path accelerators. Formerly known as Where To Buy, our new POP solutions are boosted by artificial intelligence, new automation features and other cutting-edge functionalities to offer brands new significant advantages.

Brand contents start driving sales at the speed of light

Well almost! Swaven’s technology transforms brand contents into multi-distributor points of purchase in no time. Some solutions can be deployed in less than 5 seconds! With POP On Site, In Video, In Banner, On Social…, marketers can optimise the business impact of their digital campaigns by guiding qualified leads to their online & offline retailers and in turn generate sales.

New multi-product formats and an ultra-fast and simple set-up help brands to automate and industrialise the implementation of their shoppable campaigns. Marketers also profit from greater autonomy upon activating the solution and following the results. This is particularly beneficial for international groups to manage campaigns in multiple countries in a centralised manner, without the need of specific technical expertise.

With the new processes and top-notch features, Swaven allows brands to reduce time and costs in order to further optimise the efficiency and profitability of their digital marketing investments.

With POP On Site, Jean Paul Gaultier guides its visitors from desire to purchase in one click
Intelligent targeting with shoppable contents

Brands can also make use of Swaven’s sophisticated tracking features to collect valuable first party data and automatically launch relevant shoppable campaigns based on the users’ desires. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning come in. Our POP technology not only allows brands to drive sales directly from all their digital campaigns. It also helps them optimise their marketing strategy based on the collected customer insights throughout the purchase funnel. POP solutions are therefore essential tools for any marketing directors wanting to improve their bottom lines.

This is why more and more brands also opt to use POP continuously on multiple channels. This further increases the performance and profitability of their marketing activities throughout the year.

Henkel combines POP On Site, POP On Social & POP In Banner multi-product & multi-distributor formats for a cost-effective targeting of its audiences for Barnängen

“Swaven’s POP solutions are essential tools for marketing directors, allowing them to boost sales and have the necessary control over the first party data they collect from their sales funnel. They can now arbitrate their digital investments not only in terms of costs, but especially in terms of profits. This changes the perspective completely in attaining their objectives.”
Laurent Quatrefages, Co-founder and CEO of Swaven

Today Swaven’s platform enables dynamic connections between more than 100 million products and more than 200.000 points of purchase for millions of shoppers per day. These figures are constantly rising thanks to new, worldwide implementations for various sectors such as beauty, FMCG, electronics, home appliances, home & deco, toys, accessories, automotive, kitchenware…you name it.

Interested in making your brand contents shoppable? Contact us to find out more and to test POP. You can also see further examples on our blog and on vimeo.

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