belVita accelerates its purchase path across Europe with Swaven’s POP

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With online sales in Western Europe predicted to increase by approximately 11.9% per yearand by 21.1% globally in 20182, it is essential for brands to optimise their digital presence to appeal to shoppers across all formats.

As consumers turn more and more towards the internet to inform themselves prior to buying a product but also to make that purchase itself, FMCG brands have reacted by providing increasingly sophisticated services to serve their audiences. To satisfy the modern shopper, the entire experience – from gathering product information to finalising a purchase – has to be as quick and easy as possible.

belVita is not leaving its customers empty handed. Part of the Mondelēz group, the multinational producer of snack foods, belVita is known internationally for its range of breakfast biscuits. In order to enhance the shopping experience and to accelerate the purchase of its products, the brand has deployed Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase) solution on a dedicated landing page.

Swaven’s multi-product & multi-distributor shoppable solution has been implemented across Europe to direct shoppers from belVita’s brand contents to its resellers in one click. A landing page link powered by POP is easy to integrate in any digital marketing materials of the brand.

This is especially useful for all social media activities (posts, ads, chat), and even private messages with consumers, for example when responding to an enquiry about a specific product. The solution allows brands to steer their audiences to a controlled branded environment where they can present a selection of products together with online and offline purchase options. The users won’t get lost in research and they get instantly directed towards the relevant resellers nearby. The brand also has the control of all the collected data on interactions.

In addition to offering its audiences a fast lane to access its products, with Swaven’s POP belVita can track and analyse the purchase paths of its audiences from acquisition channels up until its retailers by campaign, by country, by product etc. Based on these insights, the brand is able to make informed decisions regarding their marketing strategy for different products, distribution network, channels, retargeting etc.

Swaven’s technology has been designed to help brands make the most of their digital campaigns reducing costs and maximising profits. The POP solutions adapt to any medium, including websites, videos, banners, and social media. Thanks to an ultra-fast and simple set-up, marketing managers can quickly start boosting sales with their campaigns in any country and on a global scale.

Contact us to find out more about POP implementations around the world for FMCG but also other sectors including beauty, electronics, appliances, home & deco, toys, accessories, automotive, kitchenware, multimedia etc.

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