Henkel’s Swedish cosmetics brand Barnängen uses Swaven’s POP on site, on social and in banners to serve its different audiences with pertinent shoppable content

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Barnängen has made a name for itself at home in Sweden as well as abroad for its ‘‘not too much, not too little, just enough’’ philosophy which is reflected in its range of high-quality natural and minimalistic skincare products.

The brand has recognised that its digital presence offers an immense potential to increase sales and improve the customer experience across a variety of channels.

Following the footsteps of other brands from within the Henkel Group such as Schwarzkopf, Diadermine, Scorpio,  Le Chat and Mir, the Scandinavian beauty brand has deployed several of Swaven’s POP solutions to make all of its product contents shoppable – immediately, efficiently, and seamlessly.


Barnängen has integrated Swaven’s multi-product and multi-retailer Point Of Purchase solution on its website, on a dedicated landing page and in display banners. This allows the brand to serve all its audiences, from site, advertisements and social media.

Customers can browse the brand’s range of skincare products and choose a retailer based on their personal preferences, for example due to a loyalty programme. To make the process even easier, further criteria are provided from within the tool: users can set their geographic location to view close-by retailers or filter the selection with options such as online delivery or click-and-collect.

For a brick-and-mortar retailer an itinerary is provided on a map while online retailers are displayed alongside a direct link to the product page on their shop.


Thanks to Swaven’s technology, Barnängen’s different shoppable branding tools communicate with each other, in order to automatically present the most relevant and interesting content to the users based on their interests and their geographic location.

In addition, by combining multiple tools equipped with Swaven’s solution the brand is able to follow its clients across all acquisition channels to gather extensive data on where customers are coming from, what products they are interested in and where they go to purchase them.

Swaven’s multi-product shoppable POP In Banners offer a cost-effective way for brands to reach their audiences. The same banner design can be used to display and promote an entire range of products in a carousel. The order of display automatically adapts to the user’s earlier product views and interests.

This is essential information for the marketing department to analyse the impact of their activities. It helps them improve their messages, adjust budget allocation and develop their distribution relations to further increase the ROI of their digital campaigns.

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