The food company Sodebo makes its website shoppable to drive qualified traffic to its resellers

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For more than 40 years, the family business Sodebo has been producing sandwiches, pizzas, salads and pasta in the same location in the West of France. While traditions continue to be at the heart of the company’s business, Sodebo has recently taken a new step in its marketing approach by deploying Swaven’s brand commerce technology to simplify the link between its products and retailers.

Sodebo’s products are distributed by a large number of retailers in France, predominantly supermarkets. Thanks to the POP (Point Of Purchase) service, the brand’s website visitors can now easily discover where to buy Sodebo’s products either online or in-store near to them. Swaven’s technology detects the geographic location of the user and the availability of the desired product to suggest relevant points of purchase.

Sodebo was impressed by how easy and quick it is to deploy the POP solution. Indeed, once configured, the implementation of POP On Site takes only a few seconds and there’s no need to make any modifications to the website.

Once activated, a sticky buy button is automatically displayed on the product pages, following the user when he/she scrolls down the page. Upon clicking on the button, a pop-in displays all essential information such as an image and a short description of the product as well as a list of retailers where it is available for purchase. Users can choose their preferred reseller to get redirected to their shopping pages or display an itinerary to their chosen brick & mortar store.

Aside from an extremely simple set-up, POP On Site also offers the benefit of an automatic product detection. Not only is there no need to modify existing content on the product pages, but new products are also automatically detected by the solution once added to the website. This allows the brand to include its entire range of products without investing additional time or work into the process.

Additionally, as users navigate Sodebo’s products and retailers, the solution gathers valuable data to provide the brand with insights about customers’ shopping behaviours such as retailer preferences. The brand can use these learnings to further fine-tune their marketing, distribution and sales strategies.

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