How brands boost their Christmas marketing performance

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Summertime, and the livin’ is easy? Well not so much for brand marketers as it’s time to prepare Q4 strategic campaigns.

For many brands, Christmas represents a very important share of their annual sales. According to Centre for Retail Research study, Christmas retail sales grew by 1,4% in 2017. In Europe, the UK consumers are the biggest Christmas gift shoppers with sales reaching €88 billion. Germany follows with €75 billion, and France with €66 billion. In the US, the Christmas sales reached over €562 billion last year.

The opportunities for brands are great but the competition is fierce on this peak season. In order to succeed, marketers need to be very creative and prepare efficient strategies well ahead. Attracting the consumers with the right offers via the right channels at the right time is key to get half way through. Converting the triggered shopper desires into purchases is the other crucial challenge. Swaven can help you with this so we wanted to present you some brands’ examples.


Digital customer engagement is a complex issue but one thing is certain. If you don’t provide a seamless purchase path from the moment you have triggered the consumer interest, all your efforts and investments into getting to this point can quickly turn out useless. The potential customer gets easily diverted or frustrated and risks getting something else instead from another brand, in the worst case from your direct competitor!

The first essential step is to make sure that the consumer actually finds, as quickly as possible, where to buy your product at his/her convenience – online or offline. If you sell your products not only on your own ecommerce site but also via other retailers, why not make all this sales network easily available to your audiences?

By offering to the consumer the possibility to find the product from his/her preferred shop online or offline greatly increases your chances of conversion. If the consumer prefers to buy from a multi-product retailer to get several different gifts at the same time, you should let him/her know your product is available there too. If the shopper likes to see or try your product before buying, you should guide him/her to the closest physical store to do so. This way, no matter what buying preferences the shoppers have, you don’t leave them empty handed.


Your brand website is not the only channel where you can lead your potential customers to shops where your products are available for purchase. All your other digital touch points can also serve as direct business boosters, including your social media contents and your advertisements. As your Christmas campaigns and messages are most likely under preparation now, why not make them much more engaging this year to boost your business? See below how some brands drive sales with their shoppable contents powered by Swaven’s POP.

From videos to purchase in Jean Paul Gaultier’s way

A month before Christmas 2017, Jean Paul Gaultier launched shoppable video campaigns to promote its fragrancies. When watching the brand’s videos, a call-to-action ‘offer’ (offrir) appears. By clicking on it, the user gets to see the online and offline resellers who are selling the advertised product. In one click the shopper can choose his/her preferred online shop to purchase the product directly or see on a map the closest physical stores selling it.

Jean Paul Gaultier videos are powered by Swaven’s POP solution

When closing the displayed retailer list, the video continues to play, on the same site where the user was before. The solution offers a seamless viewing experience and a frictionless purchase path to the users directly from the brand’s video campaigns. The brand generates qualified and tracked leads to all its sales network and is able to collect statistics on the shopper paths by retailer, by product, by campaign etc.

Since last year, Jean Paul Gaultier has also added Swaven’s POP solution on its website in the UK, France and Brazil. It will also be activated in Spain and Germany very soon and other countries will follow.

From DISPLAY banners to purchase in Philips’ way

Display advertisements can also drive sales to your eshop and your retailers with the help of Swaven’s POP In Banner. Philips France guides its audiences from its banners towards purchase using this solution. The principle is the same as in the video example above, the list of available resellers is displayed directly in the ad. This not only improves the user experience but also allows to the brand a continued shopping path tracking. See in the GIF image below how it works. Apart from banners, Philips is also using Swaven’s POP in its video campaigns.

Philips uses Swaven’s POP In Banner solution
From social media to purchase in TOMY’s way

For Christmas 2017, TOMY used a dedicated landing page powered by Swaven’s POP to convert its audiences from different contact points. One of the advantages of this solution is that you can easily add the link of the page in any communication support. It is especially useful for all social media activities on Facebook and Instagram for example but also for any e-mailings. The users can browse products in a carousel and the solution shows them the relevant resellers for each selected item based on the users’ geographic location. Read more in this blog article about the shoppable campaigns that TOMY launched last year to boost its Christmas sales.

TOMY boosts its social media marketing with redirection to shoppable landing pages powered by Swaven.


If you too are looking to empower your Christmas campaigns this year, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Swaven’s team to discuss more about how we can help you.

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