Focus on Brand Ecommerce Part 2/2: More data, more intelligence, more performance

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In our latest blog article we presented how brands can easily increase their audience reach and engagement to boost sales via shoppable contents that provide redirection service to both their online and offline retailers. In this second part, we would like to point out some key advantages of an always-on, ‘multi-shoppable’ strategy.

Today, one major challenge of marketers consists of evaluating the performance and the business impact of their different marketing campaigns. Brand marketing directors may have loads of shopper data available but all of it dispersed in silos and based on such varied rules and scales that it becomes impossible to draw any intelligent conclusions about the contribution of any individual campaign on a specific channel. Due to the lack of relevant KPIs on the outcome of their campaigns, it is complicated to arbitrate for which projects, products and channels marketing budgets should be allocated to increase profits and ROI.

There is however an easy way to gain the necessary insights. And you can make your different consumer touch points collaborate intelligently to improve your marketing performance. All you need is POP 🙂 !


Why settle for just building brand awareness when you can also generate sales with the same contents? Swaven’s Point Of Purchase solution makes any digital content shoppable to drive brand audiences to their e-shop and retailers online and offline. For some touch points, POP can be deployed in less than 5 seconds, and without any need to modify the original content. We are happy to demonstrate!

What’s more, our technology tracks the shopper paths from acquisition channel until the purchase of the product. This means that the brand gets to know which advertisement, which channel, which product and which shop converted the best, and the worst. Based on the gathered data, the brand can figure out if its marketing investments are in the right places and develop their strategy accordingly.

Your audiences have different buying preferences. If you are selling via several retailers, you need to track all shopper paths in order to get a more accurate view on where your shoppers come from, what they are interested in and where they go to purchase your products.

For Groupe SEB, it seemed obvious that the more knowledge they gather, the better they can analyse and develop their marketing strategy. They have therefore opted for an always-on shoppable strategy, on their website and in their advertisements. With this consumer-centric approach, in which the brand offers a quick path to purchase from the shoppers’ preferred retailers directly from any brand content has resulted in reduced acquisition costs and an increase of qualified leads by six.

Groupe SEB drives its audiences from its video and display ads to its retailers online & offline and tracks shopper paths to each destination with Swaven’s POP solution.


Opting for an always-on shoppable strategy allows brands also to connect their different marketing campaigns in order to make more relevant offers to their audiences, which in turn leads to increased customer engagement and sales.

Indeed, Swaven POP not only makes all brand contents shoppable, it also provides brands with more automated intelligence. Integrating Swaven’s technology into the brand website allows an automatic recording of consumer interests. If the shopper leaves the site without buying the product, shoppable retargeting ad campaigns can be triggered automatically with relevant product content.

To allow brands to further reduce their marketing costs, Swaven has developed new multi-product shoppable ad formats. This means that in the same banner design, brands can include several products in a carousel format, and automatically display first the ones that the user has been checking out on the brand’s website, and get redirection to relevant retailers for each product.

Henkel’s Swedish cosmetics brand Barnängen is using this format in its multi-channel strategy. The brand has deployed Swaven’s technology on site, on social and in banners to serve its different audiences with pertinent shoppable content.

The visitors of Barnängen site and social media get retargeted with Swaven’s multi-product shoppable POP In Banners. The order of display automatically adapts to the user’s earlier product views and interests.


Make sure all your ad technology providers are fully GDPR compliant and Google certified. Otherwise there’s a risk is that your campaigns get blocked in the European Economic Area. Google certification has been given to ad technology providers that comply with GDPR as well as Google’s data usage policy. Swaven is proud to be part of the Google certified companies, listed here. Read in our blog article more about what this certification is about.

Swaven is Google Certified Advertising Technology Provider

With Swaven, you can turn your brand contents into direct business opportunities on all digital channels. We can help you reach out to 100% of your audience with “multi-shoppable” offers, ie guide your audiences to both your online and offline retailers, including your e-shop of course if you already have one. We also have the certified tools to measure the advertising performance and the business impact of all your shoppable contents to help you maximise your marketing profitability.

Contact us to learn more and to get a personalised demo for your brand.

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