New partnership: Digital agency Equinoa chooses Swaven’s POP for its customer brands

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Swaven is pleased to announce a new partnership with the digital agency Equinoa. Their customer brands can now easily make their digital contents shoppable online and offline. Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase) solution offers them multi-channel ‘where to buy’ features to accelerate sales and to increase digital marketing performance.

Digital Marketing Technology in the service of clear business objectives

Equinoa supports brands in Europe and the United States in their digital projects since more than ten years. Their approach is based on the conviction that “technology only makes sense if it serves a well defined business vision”. Therefore, Swaven is an ideal partner for the agency. It allows brands to generate qualified leads to their online and offline distributors but also to measure the effectiveness of each digital campaign in terms of business impact. Swaven’s POP technology tracks shoppers’ buying journeys from acquisition channels to purchase and provides brands with a 360 ° view of their conversion funnel.

Equinoa digital agency logo

Timothée Raymond, Co-founder & CEO of Equinoa:

“POP technology is a perfect match for the needs of our customer brands because it’s easy to implement and adapts to all digital channels. Swaven’s capacity to include both online retailers and physical stores in its shoppable service worldwide is also an essential asset. Given the evolution of digital marketing and the increasing objectives for performance, we see great potential in this new collaboration.”

Timothée Raymond, Co-founder and CEO of Equinoa digital agency

Laurent Quatrefages, Co-founder & CEO of Swaven:

“Today, no marketing campaigns are planned without the notion of ROI. More and more often brand marketers’ objectives are not limited to increasing the number of impressions, traffic or even sales. They must be able to measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of every invested euro in terms of business impact across their entire purchase funnel. This allows them to optimise performance-based spend at each stage. Swaven’s tools help them with this challenge.”

Laurent Quatrefages, Co-founder and CEO of Swaven, The Brand Commerce Company

For further information on the partnership and the POP solution, please contact Swaven team.

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