How to increase digital advertising ROI

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Since 2017, the amounts invested in digital advertising have globally exceeded those of TV. Annual budgets can reach more than $200 billion. At this time of the year, with key shopping dates approaching, brands need to catch the momentum with new campaigns. But as everyone is on the move at the same time, the cost of visibility is at its highest peak.

On the other hand, according to recent studies, advertising budget efficiency is 53%, meaning that 47% is inefficient! It is therefore no wonder that financial departments require today more and more detailed reporting from marketing departments to justify their investments. Marketing directors need to be able to show that the costly and hard-earned visibility really pays off with increased customer engagement, qualified leads and sales.

In order to evaluate these KPIs, marketers use numerous tools to gather data on different channels. However, without consistent measuring methods and business impact indicators, this data is often so dispersed that it’s impossible to say whether any individual display or video campaign was worth the investment and why. So, how is it possible to figure out the positive and negative contributors to business growth to optimise strategy?

Swaven’s secret agent, POP, helps you with this challenge!


POP makes your digital brand contents shoppable in no time to generate sales directly from all your consumer touch points, be it your website, your social media or your advertisements. The faster you drive consumers to the shopping options, the better the conversion rates.

But POP also has another Very Important Mission. It tracks all shopper paths from acquisition channel until the product purchase. And this not only until the brand’s ecommerce store (if there is one) but also to all the other online retailers and physical stores selling the brand’s products.

This allows brands to monitor which contents and advertisements, which channels, which products and which shops generate the most leads and sales. With the gathered data, the brand can evaluate the profitability of each campaign and optimise their strategy and spending to increase marketing ROI.

Philips tracks all shopper paths from its shoppable POP In Banners – generating leads to its ecommerce store and to its retailers online and offline.

Brand audiences use different channels, have different interests and shopping preferences. If the marketing team only monitors one track, let’s say from their advertisements to the brand e-shop, this hardly gives any meaningful idea on the total results. What about the consumers that saw the ad and then went to a retailer site instead to check further info and to buy it? The brand wouldn’t have any means to prove that their advertisement had something to do with the generated sales. If, however, all retailers selling the product were presented INSIDE the advertisement, the consumer could access his/her desired shopping site directly and the brand could get the info on the generated lead to that shop. A proof that the advertisement had a direct impact on sales. Bingo!

Swaven’s POP is the only solution that allows brands to drive shoppers directly from within the display banners and video ads to multiple retailers online and offline (including the brand’s own e-shop). This is advantageous not only from the ad viewing experience point of view, but more importantly because it also reduces clicks needed to purchase the product, thereby increasing conversion. In addition, the purchase path tracking stays under the brand’s control as the user doesn’t have to leave the ad to find the purchase points.

TOMY boosts its toy sales with POP In Video campaigns. In one click the user gets to choose his/her preferred retailer to purchase the product.

Peak sales periods will always demand high investments. But if you generate sales with your brand contents from all your touch points regularly, your peak seasons’ results will no longer be your only resort. By making always-on shoppable campaigns, you can monitor marketing business impact all year round and will be able to make more cost-effective investments, for the shopping peaks but also for other periods.

With always-on strategy, Swaven POP solutions also allow brands to connect their different shoppable marketing campaigns in order to make more relevant offers to their audiences, which in turn leads to increased customer engagement and sales.

If you would like to learn more, contact us for a personalised demo for your brand!

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