Groupe SEB case study

How Groupe SEB reaches 25X better digital marketing performance

Groupe SEB deploys Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase) solution in its always-on marketing strategy to boost sales and the profitability of its digital campaigns. The collaboration started in December 2015 and covers today five brands. With POP, Groupe SEB has achieved up to 25X better customer engagement rates and reduced acquisition costs by 6. Download the case study to find out more.

For Groupe SEB branding goes together with performance

Present in almost 150 countries, Groupe SEB is today the world leader in Small Household Equipment. It offers a wide, diversified range of more than 40 product families and an exceptional brand portfolio.

Swaven’s POP solution matched Groupe SEB’s needs to accelerate the purchase paths from its brand advertisements to its resellers online and offline. The solution also tracks all shopper journeys. This allows Groupe SEB to evaluate the concrete business outcome of each campaign.

François Mayor, Groupe Seb
Digital ads lead to purchase from the consumers’ chosen resellerS

Groupe SEB uses Swaven’s POP solution in its video and display advertising.

Swaven’s unique in-video and in-banner ‘where to buy’ technology integrates perfectly with the media designs. It allows a seamless viewing experience. Also, Swaven’s POP solution covers both online & offline retailers within the shoppable service.

Thanks to Swaven’s POP service, consumers get rapidly from viewing Groupe SEB’s digital media contents to purchasing their products, from any reseller they prefer.

Groupe SEB Rowenta shoppable video
With a click on the call-to-action on Groupe SEB videos, the users get a list of available resellers and get redirected to purchase at their preferred store.


Download the case study for more details and/or contact Swaven for a personalised demo.



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