Pierre Fabre brands Avène and Klorane opt for Swaven’s POP solution to turn their websites shoppable

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Avène and Klorane have made their websites shoppable with Swaven’s POP solution to simplify and streamline consumers’ path to purchase. These two brands are part of Pierre Fabre– a leading French pharmaceutical and dermocosmetics group.

Having previously implemented Swaven’s solutions for Elancyl, Pierre Fabre continues to strengthen its partnership with Swaven to increase its brands’ marketing performance and business impact.

AVène boosts customer engagement with its shoppable website

Avène is a skincare brand specializing in products for sensitive skin. They are perhaps most famous for their Thermal Spring Water, which lies at the heart of their brand. Their products are sold in pharmacies and parapharmacies both on and offline. Avène’s website provides consumers with extensive information on their brand and products ranging from their “pediatril” range for babies to their makeup range. Also, visitors can find skincare tips and advice based on their skin type and needs.

However, there was one thing missing – direct purchase options. After seeing the results obtained by Elancyl, Avène soon turned to Swaven for their help to boost user experience and customer engagement. With Swaven, the brand was able to drive sales from its website and create a seamless purchase path for consumers. All the way from their product pages to their chosen online shops or physical stores, based on geographical location. 

Swaven has several different deployment methods available for its ‘Where To Buy’ service. It adapts to each brand’s needs, wants and wishes in terms of UX and design. Everything can be customized. Avène wanted to create two options for the users on their product pages. First of all, a “Buy” or “Acheter” button to see available online stores to finalize purchases. Secondly, a “Locate” or “Trouver” button to find the closest physical points of sale. See the video below or visit the Avène website.

swaven helpS klorane to drive sales

Klorane is a cosmetics brand, perhaps most well known for their eco-friendly focused products and leading hair care ranges. Most notably, they developed the first dry shampoo in the market in 1971 intended for new mothers in the hospital who had just given birth. They are committed to their environmental responsibility and received an award the Ecocert Environment ISO 26000 due to their efforts in quality and sustainable development. The website informs customers on the history of the brand and its product ranges. Furthermore, it allows users to find products best suited to their needs by asking various questions.

The brand chose to implement POP on its product detail pages following the deployment on both Avène and Elancyl’s sites. Now, in one click, the users can see both the online retailers and physical pharmacies with available products. And be redirected to their chosen point of purchase. See below how it works.


To allow brands to gain valuable insight into their customer preferences and the effectiveness of campaigns, Swaven tracks shopper journeys. All the way from the brand content and consumers’ purchase path to conversion. Thanks to a deeper understanding of their audience and their digital marketing performances, brands can develop their brand messages, formats and assets for all their campaigns. You can read more in a previous blog post about how Swaven helps brands to optimize their marketing strategy and ROI.

Swaven collaborates with more than 40 beauty brands in over 25 countries. The solution perfectly meets the needs of pharmaceutical beauty brands. And complies to the legal regulations in terms of marketing in this sector. Furthermore, Swaven has a flexible solution which allows brands to totally adapt the design of the shoppable service to create a unified look & feel on their websites and other digital marketing channels. 

Contact Swaven to learn more about POP solutions for all your touch points; websites, display ads, social media, videos, chat, and more.


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