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Summer-time for drinks – Wine and spirit brands’ peak seasons & how to fill the glasses all year round

With lighter nights, blue skies and hot temperatures, it’s no surprise that alcohol consumption soars during the summertime. We can’t forget it’s also prime time for festivals, parties and weddings! Many studies have looked into  seasonal variation in alcohol consumption and they confirm drinking behavior is at its highest during summer (and of course, Christmas.) If we look at a study carried out by Optimum Research, almost 27% of people from around the UK say they drink more when the weather gets hot.

Many wine and spirit brands are opting to use online channels and social media to promote new flavours and seasonal recipes. Consumers are also choosing to hit the online shelves to purchase their alcohol. According to IWSR, online spirit sales totaled around 6.5 billion US dollars in 2018 – representing 2% of all global spirits value sales. Interestingly, direct selling of spirits on owned online platforms has been less effective than partnerships with established online retailers and delivery services.

Whichever distribution plan is chosen online and offline, two major issues concern all alcohol brands. How to drive consumers from marketing campaigns into stores? How to measure the impact of online advertising on actual purchases to ensure an increased ROI?

Don’t Leave Your Customers With An Empty Glass

From a customer’s point of view, it can be frustrating when you see a great seasonal cocktail recipe or new product but there is no link on where you can find it. The more the customers have to search, the more likely they are to abandon and buy something else instead – potentially from a competitor!

Taking all of this into account, now is the perfect time for brands within the wine and spirits industry to finally make their online adverts, websites and social media campaigns shoppable. Just in time for the next ‘alcohol heatwave’ – Christmas!

Bacardi is using Swaven’s POP (point of purchase) solution to tackle the challenge. POP offers the perfect opportunity to create a compelling experience for customers whilst also boosting business. This solution reduces the complexities involved with customer engagement by providing a friction-less purchase path for consumers. In one click, they can see where products are being sold based on their geographic location, both on and offline. In turn, this increases the likelihood of conversions, see the examples below.

Make Your Ads Shoppable To Drive Sales

Bacardi is the largest privately-held spirits company in the world, most famous for their iconic white rum. They have collaborated with Swaven on various marketing campaigns.

Swaven worked with Bacardi to create a shoppable video advert to promote their campaign for Eristoff vodka. Once the advertisement is playing, consumers can click on an on-screen “BUY” button which will then show a list of different distributors. With another click, the customer gets redirected to his/her chosen online retailer to finalize purchase. Alternatively, the user can click on the “FIND” button to discover the closest physical retailer. When closing the displayed retailer list, the video continues to play from the same point as before. The solution offers an uninterrupted viewing experience and a seamless purchase path for the users directly from the brand’s video campaigns.

In addition to video adverts, Bacardi applied the same solution to their social media campaigns by leading their audience to dedicated shoppable landing pages created for each brand. The principle is the same as in the video. However, the list of retailers is viewed on a landing page rather than in the advertisement itself. Customers can also explore a range of products by scrolling through the product carousel.  They can also find an image and brief description of the product.

The relevant shoppable landing page can be easily added to any social media post, drink recipe or message to lead prospective customers to easy purchase options.


Bacardi landing page Bombay Sapphire
On Bacardi’s shoppable landing pages, customers can easily look through the product carousel as well as scrolling through the list of retailers – online and offline.

Check out more examples on shoppable peak sales campaigns here.

Understand Your Customers’ Preferences

Swaven tracks the shopper journeys, providing brands with a valuable insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns. Brands can optimise their sales, boost their business and measure their marketing performance. All the way from the brand content and consumers’ purchase path to conversion. Thanks to the collected data, brands are able to better understand their audience so they can select the best formats and assets. And to adjust their marketing investments throughout the year to reach the best results from both branding and performance perspectives.  Read more about the “brandformance” strategy here.

Contact Swaven to learn more about POP solutions for all your touch points; websites, display ads, social media, videos, chat, and more.

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