L’Oréal drives organic and natural beauty sales with Swaven

There has been a worldwide growth in demand for organic and natural beauty products as they have shifted more and more into the mainstream. Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and prefer a “healthier way of living”. Consequently, they are opting for products with natural ingredients. Millenials and Generation Z are avid buyers of organic beauty. With their increasing spending power, its no wonder the industry is booming. 

Future Market Insights released a report in 2019 which predicts the organic and natural beauty industry will grow to $54 billion by 2027. To meet the growing consumer demand, international beauty giant L’Oréal has launched a new organic and natural product line. And to make it easy for their customers to find products, they have made their brand content shoppable with Swaven.

L’ORéal LAUNCHES organic beauty brand

In September 2018, world leading cosmetic company L’Oréal launched a brand of natural products, La Provençale Bio. The brand wanted to sweep away any possible misconceptions associated with organic beauty, including high prices and reduced effectiveness. Their range perfectly matches customer needs. The main ingredient in the range which includes facial cleansers, soaps and gels, is the olive oil from the AOC Provence. All their products are rich in polyphenols, vitamin E and contain antioxidants which fight ageing.

organic beauty Made shoppable

L’Oréal uses Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase) solution for more than 25 brands in videos and banner ads, on social media and on websites. This ‘where to buy’ service provides consumers with a seamless shopping journey from any digital touch point.

In France, when visitors are browsing through Provençale’s site, a call-to-action BUY button appears when looking through the product ranges. By clicking on the BUY button, a widget opens. This displays a product carousel, including images and short descriptions of the products. Additionally, there is a list of retailers, both online and brick and mortar, based on the user’s geographical location. Users can finalise their purchase by choosing an online retailer and being redirected to their site. Or alternatively, choose a physical retailer and be presented with the route to their store.

Watch this video below to see the POP in action on La Provençale Bio’s website.

a better customer experience to boost sales

Swaven can adapt the POP solution to fit with the design, look and feel on any site or digital marketing channel. You can see how Swaven has done this on La Provençale’s site. They have altered the widget to create a unified look which coordinates well with the rest of the site.

Once consumers are ready to engage with the brand, it’s crucial to ensure the purchase process is quick and simple. With POP, in just a few clicks, consumers are taken directly from the brand content to their favourite point of purchase. By providing a friction-less purchase path for consumers, brands can see an increase in the likelihood of conversions, a higher click rate and elevated customer engagement rates.

Swaven tracks the shopper journeys, looking at customer preferences in terms of products and distribution channels. Thanks to these statistical insights, brands are able to better understand their audience. They can select the best formats and assets. Furthermore, they can adjust their marketing investments throughout the year to reach the best results from both branding and performance perspectives.

For more information on how you can boost your brand’s digital marketing results: get in touch with the Swaven team.

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