Léa Nature streamlines the purchase path on organic brands’ sites with Swaven’s POP

The Léa Nature Group has chosen Swaven’s POP solution to make their brands’ websites and social media content shoppable. So far, seven of the group’s brands have implemented the advanced ‘where to buy’ technology. These recent deployments continue to strengthen Swaven’s position as a leading shoppable service provider for organic brands.

Léa Nature makes their DIGITAL MARKETING POP

Léa Nature was founded in 1993, originally as a manufacturer of herbal medicines. Today, they produce a wide variety of natural and organic products ranging from nutrition and health to cosmetics, and so much more. You can learn more about their extensive product portfolio on their website. The group has always had a strong background in sustainability and environmental commitment. They pride themselves in their core values which include “being kind to both the people and the planet”. Léa Nature has been a member of Group 1% for the planet since 2007 and their brands have donated over 5.5 million euros to around 1,300 different environmental organisations.

In 2009, a holding company was set up by Léa Nature’s founder, Charles Kloboukoff to oversee Léa Nature and another organic brand, Ekibio. A new group was created. The Léa – Biodiversity company. This group has implemented Swaven’s POP On Site solution onto 7 of the sites in the group so far this year:  So’bio, Eau Thermale Jonzac, Natessance, Jardin BioLe Pain des Fleurs, Biovie. Eau Thermale Jonzac also implemented Swaven’s POP on its social network platforms.

The solution allows Léa Nature brands to provide their website and social media audiences with a quick and easy way to find and buy their products at various retailers, on and offline.

from brand content to purchase options in one click

When a customer enters one of Léa Nature’s brand sites and is looking through the products, a call-to-action BUY button will appear. Swaven’s solution geolocates the user and brings up a list of online and offline retailers that are selling the products. Users can then either click on their preferred online retailer and be redirected to their e-commerce site. Or, they can select a physical retailer and they will be shown the route to the stores nearby. Léa Nature’s products are sold via many retailers, including retail chains, supermarkets and specialised stores. As user preferences vary, it was important for the group to ensure all purchase points are displayed to consumers and to let the users choose their favourite shopping method and retailer.

An example of the POP On Site on Jonzac’s website. 

Furthermore, Jonzac added a specific landing page on their site which displays all products with the available online and offline retailers. The solution allowed the brand to add a filter on this page for the users, so that they can choose a specific product range. Users can easily search for the products they are interested in and navigate between each range.

This landing page link can be easily used in any further customer communication, for example, posts on social media or chats in response to any questions about product availability.

Léa Nature landing page
An example of Jonzac’s landing page.
Shoppable made easy

Swaven’s POP solution is extremely quick and easy to deploy and doesn’t require any specific technical expertise from the brand.

Swaven creates a friction-less purchase path for consumers from any digital brand content. For brands, this leads to an increase in customer engagement and a boost in sales.

In addition, Swaven tracks the shopper paths from start to finish and from all sales points. The collected data statistics provide brands like Léa Nature with insight into shopper preferences by product, channel, distributor etc. This helps them to optimise their marketing performance and strategy to reach their business objectives.

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