St Hubert opts for Swaven’s POP to boost its digital marketing

St Hubert, the agri-food group, opted for Swaven to improve the omnichannel customer journey. Since the start of 2019, the group has chosen to accelerate their digital strategy, especially by incorporating Swaven’s POP (Point of Purchase) and “where to buy” technology with a test and learn approach, onto their websites and social media platforms.

shoppable made easy

St Hubert was founded in 1904 and is now one of France’s leaders within the food industry, most notably, with their leading brand St Hubert Oméga 3®. The group puts innovation at the heart of their strategy to offer tasty products which also provide important nutritional benefits. You can learn more about their product portfolio on their website.

Today, St Hubert sells its products via various online and offline retailers. They needed to create a seamless purchase path from all their digital channels. The main objectives were to satisfy “omniconsumers”, to increase their engagement and to generate qualified leads to all their distributors.

St Hubert started its collaboration with Swaven in April 2019. The POP (Point of Purchase) solution matched the group’s needs in terms of efficiency and adaptability to different digital touch points. Swaven’s technology was the most convenient and cost effective as no modifications were needed on the group’s site. The implementation is extremely fast and doesn’t require any technical expertise on the brand’s side.

“We were impressed with how fast and simple it was to implement the shoppable service on our websites with Swaven. The Buy button is automatically displayed on our product pages to allow our visitors to access purchase options at any of their preferred retailers. We quickly deployed the POP solution also onto our Instagram and Facebook pages as part of our strategy to improve our customers’ omnichannel journey”, said Alix POSVITE, Digital Marketing Manager, St Hubert.


When the user discovers the different ranges on St Hubert’s site, a “Find our products” button appears. Swaven’s solution geolocates the user and all online and offline retailers selling the products are displayed. Similarly, from the main website page, users can access a landing page which shows all of the product ranges and the list of retailers. From here, the user can click on an online retailer and be redirected to their online store. Alternatively, they can select a physical retailer and they will be shown the route to the store. 

Following the POP deployment on their site, St Hubert chose to apply the same solution to their Instagram page. The principle is the same as in the example above. But instead of a buy button, there is a link to a dedicated shoppable landing page in their Instagram bio. This page allows their audience to discover more information on their products and recipes. And for each specific product range, the visitors can click on a “Where to find our products” button which leads them to purchase options from the available online and offline retailers. Furthermore, St Hubert has implemented the landing page link onto their Facebook page.

St Hubert mobile landing page
St Hubert’s mobile landing page.

Along with creating a seamless purchase path from brand contents to both online and offline retailers, Swaven provides brands like St Hubert® with valuable insight into the entire purchase funnel. This data helps brands to analyse their best (and worst) assets in terms of lead generation and marketing business impact.

If you would like to accelerate your marketing performance like St Hubert, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a demo.

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