Danone brand Blédina boosts their ecommerce strategy with Swaven

Blédina, the leading French infant nutrition brand, complements their ecommerce strategy with Swaven’s where-to-buy technology.

On Blédina’s site, consumers can purchase their favourite products in just a few clicks. With Swaven’s POP – Point Of Purchase – solution, Blédina covers all consumer buying preferences to provide a better customer experience and to boost sales on all of their retail channels.

blédina, PARt OF danone’s GROUP

Blédina was originally set up in 1881 by two pharmacists who wanted to open a laboratory to fortify food products. Today Blédina is part of Danone Group’s early life and nutrition range and holds over 40% market share in France.

Blédina products are designed to cater to the needs of babies from 4/6 – 36 months. This include a wide range from mini milkshakes and fruit pots to baby bottles. They were awarded with B-Corp certification in April 2019 for their sustainable development and CSR efforts.

Danone has collaborated with Swaven since 2015. Implementing Swaven’s advanced where-to-buy technology on Blédina’s site was part of Danone’s continued strategy to boost their digital performance. The solution allows their brands to accelerate and streamline the purchase path whilst improving customer experience on their sites.

blédina Lets customers choose where to buy

Consumers can purchase Blédina’s products via their dedicated ecommerce site, the Blédishop, or via their numerous online and offline retailers.

Blédina have understood the importance of catering for all consumer buying preferences. This is reflected in their ecommerce strategy. With Swaven’s POP, Blédina gives their customers the freedom to decide where they purchase their products so they can choose the most convenient way for them. 

how does it work?

On Blédina’s site, users can explore the various product ranges. By clicking on the BUY button of the chosen product, all available online and offline points of purchase are displayed. This list includes Blédina’s own ecommerce store, Blédishop, and all their retailers according to product availability and user geolocation. This way, the brand can sell directly to their customers as well as providing the option of purchasing through third party retailers.

In just one click, users get redirected to their preferred online store or are presented with the route to the closest brick and mortar retailer.

Watch the video below to see how Swaven’s POP works on Blédina’s site.

Swaven’s POP is extremely quick and easy to deploy. It doesn’t require any specific IT expertise from the brand’s side. The solution tracks shopper paths throughout the entire purchase funnel looking at customer preferences in terms of preferred products, channels and distributors. These insights allow brands to detect patterns and to optimise their digital marketing strategy.

For more information on how you can boost your brand’s digital marketing results: get in touch with the Swaven team.

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