Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson accelerates the buying journey with Swaven

Johnson & Johnson deploys Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase) solution for five brands. The solution provides their brands’ website and social media audience with frictionless purchase path and an effortless, convenient way to find retailers of their chosen products online and offline. In return, it tracks the entire purchase funnel and analyzes the data on Swaven’s brand funnel management platform. This allows each brand to evaluate their marketing performances in business terms by acquisition channel, distributor, product etc.


Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company. The corporation includes over 250 subsidiary companies, has operations in 60 countries and sells products in over 175 countries.

Johnson & Johnson

The group develops a variety of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products. They are considered one of the most valuable companies worldwide – finishing 2019 ranked 37th on the Fortune 500 list. Furthermore, they are the parent company of many leading brands such as Band Aid, Johnson Baby and Neutrogena.

Their collaboration with Swaven began in 2015 with the personal care brand Le Petit Marseillais. They deployed Swaven’s POP solution on their website to improve customer experience and engagement. The brand also created a dedicated landing page powered by the POP solution in order to redirect users from the brand’s Facebook page to easy purchase options and a store locator.

Johnson & Johnson have now deployed Swaven’s POP solution for five brands in France: Neutrogena, Biafine, Vania, Listerine and Le Petit Marseillais. The POP solution is not only present on their websites, but also on dedicated landing pages created with the help of Swaven. This technology allows the brands to efficiently drive their social media audience to purchase options and to track their social advertising performances as part of the total brand funnel analysis.


When a user accesses an individual product page on one of the brand’s sites, they are presented with a ‘buy’ button. The button has been added as a fixed element and as a ‘sticky’ element, which follows users as they scroll. By clicking the button, a list of online and offline retailers with stock available are displayed. The user can choose to be redirected to an online retailer to finalize their purchase or select an offline retailer and be shown the route to their physical store. See how it works on Neutrogena’s site in the video below:

It’s essential to understand the importance of offering a variety of purchase options to your customers. By providing the path to purchase for all their online and offline retailers, Johnson & Johnson cater to all shopping preferences. This allows them to drive customer engagement and  lead generation. In addition, they collect valuable data e.g. which paths customers use most, which product pages generate the most leads, where their products are purchased and more.

These insights allow them to analyze their performances in order to optimize their strategy, brand contents and marketing campaigns. It is crucial information for brands who wish to increase their digital marketing effectiveness and profitability.

Johnson & Johnson’s performances are constantly increasing. As a result, they have decided to deploy the solution in other countries too. Stay tuned for more information!

For further information on Swaven’s brand funnel management platform and where-to-buy technology, get in touch.

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