Swaven opens office in North America

Swaven has opened office in Montreal to enhance its physical presence in North America. The company has continued a strong business growth this year with a portfolio of more than 450 brands and active operations in over 60 countries.

Directed by Sébastien Thiberge, Co-founder and COO of Swaven, the new office will allow the company to further strengthen its relations with its clients. New projects will also be launched in the market, starting within the cosmetics, electronics, home appliance and FMCG sectors, where Swaven can profit from its strong global footprint.

“We have major challenges ahead to build brand awareness of Swaven in North America. However, our global deployments speak strongly about our capacities to quickly adapt to any market and to any brand’s specific needs. Our strengths lie in the sophistication and the flexibility of our technology which is suited to all digital channels anywhere in the world”
Sébastien Thiberge.

The Best Brand Commerce Solution Award & Innovations

Swaven believes consumer brands need to get more out of their digital branding investments. The company has built its success on a powerful end-to-end brand funnel management platform. Featuring disruptive brand commerce and where-to-buy technology, it offers brand marketers the necessary tools to measure and analyze their digital marketing performance, conversion and ROI in quantifiable business terms.

Furthermore, Swaven’s shopping accelerators and POP (Point Of Purchase) solution provide unprecedented capacities to turn any digital brand content shoppable within only a few minutes, driving sales both online and offline. What’s more, the look and feel of Swaven’s shoppable technology can be completely customized to seamlessly fit any brand’s most detailed requirements.

Thanks to Swaven’s capacity to continuously help consumer brands worldwide to grow their digital performance with innovative brand commerce solutions and Google certified ad technology, Swaven was recently awarded the best Brand Commerce solution at The European Technology Awards.

The European Technology Awards

“Increasing the ROI and business impact of digital marketing is every marketer’s objective today, whether it’s in Europe, Asia or America. With our brand funnel management platform, they will reach their objectives more easily and more quickly to stay ahead of the game”
Sébastien Thiberge.

Swaven is trusted by industry leading groups and brands such as L’Oréal, Danone, PUIG, Johnson & Johnson, COTY, Pierre Fabre, Groupe SEB, Philips, TOMY, Givenchy, Kenzo etc. The platform is currently connected to more than 100 million products and 1500+ distributors in over 60 countries.

Contact the Swaven Team for further information and a demo.

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