Opinion: 3 actions to serve your customers during the pandemic

By Laurent Quatrefages, Co-founder & CEO of Swaven

Over 3 billion people worldwide are now living in lockdown, as policy makers take action to protect the population against the coronavirus pandemic. The world has to live with the dilemma of social distancing in order to avoid a catastrophic human toll and the dire economic consequences of these extreme measures. It is a shock for both citizens and businesses of all sizes.

As a result of these confinements, a new demand landscape has emerged with evolving patterns of when and how people buy their essential products.

At Swaven, we work at the intersection of brands and retailers and our technology provides visibility on the digital traffic generated by brands to retailers. We have seen some product categories experiencing a strong rise.

For example, for hair care products (9 brands) in France, we have recorded an aggregated 6.5X increase in leads from brands’ digital assets (web, ads, etc.) to retailers in the last two weeks following the lockdown. You can read our article here.

Graphic - Hair care in France

Other categories are witnessing significant changes, both up and down. Stuck at home for weeks, people are naturally looking for products to make their lives easier; they’re relying on online retailers or local deliveries from offline retailers which are still open.

To help consumers, I believe brands and retailers could take 3 actions:

1. Brands could increase support to retailers and local communities

– Direct geolocated traffic to those essential shops that stay open with available products.
– Provide audiences with quick and easy access to any of their active retailers, online and offline.

2. Retailers could actively share their inventories

– Keep suppliers up to date on their inventory status, demand changes, shortage risks.
– Increase online order capabilities, while also ensuring safe home deliveries.

3. Brands and retailers could make the purchase and delivery paths as simple and safe as possible

– Integrate the client buying journey, from brand content and product selection to purchase from retailers and delivery – and keep the available options updated.

At Swaven, we will continue to closely monitor these evolutions at our humble level and share more details with you about what can be done to adapt and to serve your clients. I would be honored if you were willing to share your feedback, experience or questions during these trying times.

I hope you stay safe and well.

Laurent Quatrefages

Laurent Quatrefages, Swaven





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