Bioderma streamlines the path to purchase with Swaven

Bioderma has enhanced their on-site user experience with Swaven’s POP (Point of Purchase) solution and Where-To-Buy technology.  The technology provides Bioderma’s site visitors with a streamlined purchase path. In other words, consumers have quick and easy access to purchase their favorite products via the brand’s on- and offline retailers. So far, Bioderma has deployed the solution in France, the UK and the USA. Other countries will also benefit from Swaven’s services very soon.


Jean-Noël Thorel, a pharmaceutical pioneer, founded Bioderma in the 1970s. His aim was to shape the world of dermo-cosmetics with his philosophy: “biology at the service of dermatology”. Today, Bioderma preserves the health and beauty of skin in over 90 countries. To learn more about Bioderma and explore their products, you can visit their website.

Bioderma began their collaboration with Swaven in 2019, when they launched Swaven’s POP On Site on their French website. This year, Bioderma chose to implement the solution in other countries too, starting with their American and British websites. The US version is available in two languages – English and Spanish. The POP solution on the British website has been custom designed to seamlessly fit the brand’s image, as seen below. Further deployments will soon follow in more than 10 other countries across the globe.

Bioderma UK

Swaven provides Bioderma with a quick and easy way to make their websites shoppable. The solution creates a streamlined purchase path to all the brand’s available online and offline resellers, in just a few clicks. This helps Bioderma to improve their user experience and customer engagement on their sites. In the process, the solution collects valuable data, consequently allowing Bioderma to monitor the effectiveness of their digital marketing in terms of lead generation and conversion.

how does it work?

Swaven’s technology geolocates consumers and subsequently lists nearby retailers which have the desired product in stock. Customers can choose to purchase online in just a few clicks or to be directed to the closest physical stores. There is a sticky button which follows consumers as they scroll on-site, making the call to action easily accessible.

Watch the video below to see how the POP solution works on Bioderma’s US website:

track and analyZe your MARKETING business impact with Swaven

Swaven’s POP solution gathers data throughout the purchase funnel from your eCommerce channels and analyzes it in one place – the Swaven web app. On this brand funnel management platform, brands can measure and evaluate their digital marketing effectiveness in business terms. Therefore gaining valuable insights into shopper preferences e.g. which paths customers follow most, which product pages generate the most leads, where products are most frequently purchased etc.

In short, the KPIs Swaven provides enable brands to optimize their digital marketing strategy and budget.  If you would like to learn more about how Swaven can improve your digital marketing performance, don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo/call.

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