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Coty boosts Marc Jacobs Fragrances’ eCommerce with Swaven

Coty has enhanced their e-commerce strategy for Marc Jacobs Fragrances, the luxury perfume brand, with Swaven’s where-to-buy technology.

Swaven’s POP (Point Of Purchase) solution accelerates the buying journey on the Marc Jacobs Fragrances website. It allows visitors to access purchase options from any of their available retailers, thereby increasing consumer choice.

Marc jacobs, PARt OF coty’s Beauty empire


Coty was founded in 1904 in Paris. Since then, it has become one of the world’s largest beauty and fragrance companies. The beauty giant purchased the fragrance license for fashion designer Marc Jacobs in 2003. The well-known luxury designer brand sells clothes, handbags, accessories, fragrances and cosmetics.

Marc Jacobs Daisy was launched in 2007. It has since grown into a top selling fragrance collection, made up of 9 individual perfumes. The award winning scents are popular in many countries across the globe.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

As part of Coty’s continued efforts to increase customer experience and engagement, the Marc Jacobs Fragrances sites now provide a quick path to purchase with Swaven’s POP, respecting all consumer buying preferences.

The solution has so far been activated on Marc Jacobs Fragrances’ UK, US and Chinese websites.

driving sales by giving consumers choice

Marc Jacobs already had its own e-commerce platform, but Coty chose to list all available retailers for the fragrances. This allows them to respond to all buyer preferences.

Many consumers prefer to buy via a distributor, rather than shopping directly with a brand. This could be due to loyalty cards, special offers and wider product selections.  Providing access to all available retailers puts the consumer in control of their purchase and increases the chances of conversion.

In addition, the POP solution tracks the buying journeys and analyzes them on Swaven’s sales funnel management platform. It allows brands to monitor their KPI’s and adapt their marketing strategy accordingly.

From Brand Content to Purchase in a few clicks

Consumers can browse their favorite products on the Marc Jacobs Fragrances website. In just one click from the desired product page, the website displays all available distributors to the prospect buyer, putting them in control of their purchase. This speeds up the purchase path, offers consumers more choice and boosts sales.

See how the POP solution works on the US website in the video below:

For further information on Swaven’s solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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