Lockdown: Demand for skincare products has doubled

We continue to monitor brand to commerce performances for consumer goods as demand patterns evolve during lockdown. Last week, we shared that we had observed 6.5X growth in lead traffic on 9 hair care brands in France.

This week, we have seen confirmation of a trend we detected in countries that went into an early lockdown: a growing demand for hand and body creams.

In this article, we maintain France as our reference for observing these trends in coherence with our analysis last week. We work globally with our clients and many other countries have demonstrated a similar trend, in correlation to their lockdown dates. Let us know if you’d like to know more about your country’s specifics.

Creams in high demand  

As you may well know, we collect data for our clients with regards to leads and sales generated to their online and offline retailers via our POP (Point Of Purchase) technology.

We looked at the evolution in lead generation for 8 of our brands offering face and body creams in France. These include both personal care brands sold online and offline by multi-brand retailers, as well as dermocosmetics brands sold in pharmacies (on-and offline).

The lockdown in France began on the 17th of March, during week 12. As you can see from the chart below, there was a clear decline during that week, but in the two weeks following the lockdown, results have significantly grown. In comparison to the average results preceding the lockdown from week 6 to week 9, the demand for this product category has doubled.

Skincare Graph

Skin is thirsty for care 

Pharmacies and online outlets selling our brands’ creams remain open during the lockdown, therefore it is understandable that they can keep their results up. The increase in demand could be resulting from people washing their hands more often. The constant use of soap and hydroalcoholic gels dries the skin and increases the need for hydrating lotions.

We’ve also observed an increased demand on social media too. Healthcare professionals cry for brands’ help to procure creams that can soothe their severely dry and damaged skin, following the heavy workload and constant use of strong sanitizers and personal protective equipment.

Skincare Tweet 1
Twitter: Requesting brands’ help – “Would it be possible to appeal to your generosity by soliciting your contribution to healthcare staff? Our hands are bleeding and on fire, the numerous sores from sanitizers are torturous.”

Skincare Tweet 2

Brands, together with their retails need to support their consumers and communities now more than ever. Read Laurent Quatrefages’ (CEO of Swaven) advice, on how to do this.

Please let us know if you have any questions and do not hesitate to contact us for more information on tendencies in your country and for your specific products.

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