Lockdown: Hair care brands generate 6.5X more leads in France

In the global gloomy circumstances of the Coronavirus crisis, we have noticed some surprising patterns in brands’ digital lead generation. Following the lockdown in France, you would expect drops in all digital performances in the country, given that brands are limiting their promotion and ad spending. On the contrary, we have seen an unexpected surge for some product categories, most surprisingly Hair Care. 

Data collection with POP

At Swaven, we are at the digital intersection of brands and commerce. Our POP (Point Of Purchase) technology accelerates the path to purchase from brands’ digital assets by redirecting consumers to relevant online retailers and the nearest physical stores based on user geolocation. 

Here is an example of Swaven’s POP in action:

We collect a lot of data for our clients via the POP widgets. This data consequently allows brands to understand the lead flows and conversion paths between their digital assets and their online and offline retailers. All data is analyzed and aggregated in real time, as our clients require instant knowledge in fast moving markets. 

Hair keeps growing even in lockdown

In our data analysis, we looked at nine brands in the hair care category in France. As a baseline, we took the average number of weekly leads for each brand prior to the lockdown – from week 6 to week 9 (4 weeks in total). We computed the multiplier (x fold) on this baseline. 

Graphic - Hair Care Brands

We noticed various upward dynamics. Small brands saw huge relative growth (x31 for the best performing) and the large category leaders saw incredible absolute growth (x2.6 for the largest). All brands grew at the same time, just after the lockdown in France, which started on March 17th. On average, our hair care brands increased their lead generation by 6.5X. 

As these leads are related to a click on a retailer displayed in the POP widget, this is a sign of people’s engagement – searching outlets which provide specific products and where they are available. They have a limited opportunity to physically go to the store, therefore they don’t want to be disappointed. 

Takeaways : 
  • New type of purchase behaviour is emerging
  • Brands should continue to drive qualified and geolocated traffic to retailers
  • Retailers should keep their info updated concerning opening hours, available delivery options and inventory
  • Brands who are the most connected with their retailers will be able to convert this new traffic


As the confinements will continue for weeks, maybe even a few months, this is certainly the right time to make consumer brands’ digital contents shoppable. 

Would you like to know how you can do this in a fast, simple and efficient way? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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