Estée Lauder improve the mobile path to purchase for Tommy Hilfiger’s newest fragrance

Estée Lauder has powered the website of ‘Impact’, the newest fragrance by Tommy Hilfiger, with Swaven’s POP solution in Germany. The custom-designed shoppable service provides consumers with direct access to on- and offline purchase options from all available retailers, as well as Tommy Hilfiger’s e-commerce site. All consumer preferences are respected so no-one is left empty handed! The service was designed with a particular focus on mobile use.  

Close to the thumb for an easy click on mobile

Estée Lauder’s where-to-buy service for the new Tommy Hilfiger fragrance has been custom-designed. It needed to seamlessly match the brand’s look & feel and offer optimal user experience, especially on mobile devices, to support their social media campaigns. 

When browsing the site on a mobile screen, a ‘buy’ button automatically appears at the bottom and stays easily accessible. Once you are ready to engage, in one click of the thumb, you can see all of the fragrance’s available on- and offline points of purchase. Then, you only need to choose your favourite online shop to order the product or get directions to the nearest physical stores, based on your geographic location. 

You can check out the service directly on the site. Please note, you need to accept their cookies first.

Tommy Impact


The Estée Lauder Companies first collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger in 1993, releasing their first scent in 1995: ‘Tommy’ for men. Tommy Hilfiger Fragrances are now present in 120 countries worldwide. They released ‘Impact’, their latest fragrance this year.

It’s described: “For those who dare to dream and those who strive to do, Impact Eau de Toilette is a woody aromatic scent for men who are ready to take on the world.”

On the website, visitors can discover details about the fragrance, as well as campaign videos and images of the brand ambassador Wincent Weiss, a popular German singer.

Thanks to Swawen’s where-to-buy technology, the new fragrance site not only boosts the brand image but also drives sales, by providing a practical service to its audience.

While creating and accelerating the purchase path to the users, the POP solution also gathers statistical data from the buying journeys and analyses the sales funnel on the Swaven web app. This allows the brand to assess the impact of their marketing efforts in business terms, for all their different sales channels, in order to optimise their strategy.

Below you can see an example of a purchase path, once you arrive on the Impact site. The solution is also able to detect the acquisition channels and final conversion, to evaluate which campaign, channel and message was the most performant.

For further information on Swaven’s solutions for a full brand funnel management for website, social media, display ads and videos, please get in touch.

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