Aquadoodle case study

Case study: How Tomy’s Aquadoodle brand multiplies leads by 6X

Between excitement and stress, every year toy brands need to prepare their marketing campaigns for their N°1 peak season – Christmas and end of year festivities. When the demand is at its highest for toys, so are the advertising expenses for toy brands and marketers have to face growing pressure for performance and ROI.

Part of the TOMY group, Aquadoodle brand has bet on a digital marketing strategy that allows them to optimize results all year round with their distribution partners. As a result, they have multiplied leads by 6X several years in a row. Download the case study to learn how.

Creative fun without the mess

Aquadoodle is one of TOMY’s many successful sub-brands. Thanks to offering creative fun without the mess, Aquadoodle is loved by young children and parents alike. The brand has won numerous awards for their products, including the prestigious TOTY award multiple times.

The brand embraces creativity also in its digital marketing.  Download the case study to get inspired by their best practices. 

Aquadoodle - Tomy

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