SHARK Helmets puts safety and performance first for the customer journey with Swaven

SHARK, the leading French motorcycle helmet brand, has chosen Swaven to improve the customer journey on its brand website. SHARK accompanies its visitors all the way through to help consumers find easily and safely all certified distributors to purchase its products. 

Ensuring a safe path to purchase offline and online 

Founded by former professional racers, SHARK  is the leading French helmet manufacturer and one of the world’s leading helmet brands.

The company’s ethos is “always to push the technical boundaries and innovate so that each and every biker and racer can enjoy the sheer pleasure and freedom of riding in complete safety”

On the strength of its strong reputation, SHARK’s customer services reflect the same values of performance and safety. The company has chosen Swaven’s innovative where-to-buy technology to ensure a safe and sound customer journey on its brand site. 

When consumers visit SHARK’s product pages, a buy button automatically appears. By clicking on it, the users discover all certified and available retailers selling the desired products. SHARK has chosen to display physical stores in priority, followed by online retailers. The brand takes care of its customers all the way through by guiding them to pertinent shops according to users’ geographic location. SHARK also reminds consumers to pay great attention to avoid any vendors selling counterfeits.

Here’s an example of a customer’s path to purchase on SHARK’s website: 


Swaven’s PoP solution and where-to-buy technology matched SHARK’s needs especially thanks to its quick and easy implementation, as well as its adaptability for any website updates. 

Indeed, as SHARK wanted to renew its site, Swaven’s solution seamlessly switched from the old website design to the new environment, without any need for new developments or changes in brand content. Swaven also allows SHARK to keep its shoppable service automatically updated based on the product references published on its site, saving time and efforts.

Currently SHARK offers the shoppable service on its French site. Stay tuned for further news!

Contact Swaven to learn how you too can help your customers find your brand’s products easily and safely from all your certified retailers.

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