Shiseido goes one step further with Swaven’s shoppable technology

Shiseido, one of the world’s leading cosmetics companies, has deployed Swaven’s technology for Laura Mercier and Issey Miyake in order to reach the full potential of these brands in terms of shoppability. The group asserts the desire to differentiate, by offering to their customers seamless purchase paths adapted to different buying preferences. Shiseido thereby ensures all visitors on its brand websites can find an easy and safe access to purchase options from their preferred retailers, in one click.

Laura Mercier adapS to each customer’s preferences

Thanks to its range of incredible cosmetics, beauty products, fragrances and body care products, Laura Mercier has become a global beauty success. Combining French aesthetics, professional makeup savoir-faire, and cultivating the ‘House of Flawless’ philosophy, Laura Mercier enhances the wish to adapt to each customer’s needs.

On its UK website, the brand lets each customer follow his/her own preferred path. Shoppers can easily purchase a searched product at any of the brand’s certified retailers with available stock. Laura Mercier aims for an increasingly seamless and immersive experience in order to align with its own DNA. The ‘House of Flawless’ becomes more than an intangible vision, it becomes the reality of the experience the brand is providing to its communities.

Issey Miyake aligns vision and value delivery

Issey Miyake takes great pleasure from the discovery of advancements in technology to be integrated into its art, expressed by contemporary design, be it for garments or perfume. In this sense, the brand aligns vision and experience also through its investments in digital technologies.

Issey Miyake’s international website underlines the importance of offering the right digital paths to the right audiences. Currently on its Spanish site, the brand offers with Swaven’s solution, the choice to the customers to follow their shopping preferences, anywhere, anytime. In fact, the geolocation service available on the product pages is essential in order to suggest the right retailers at the right time according to the shopper’s rituals and habits. Tracing these preferences then allows Issey Miyake to get closer to the implicit needs expressed by its final customers.

What’s next for beauty brands 

By merging experience delivery and purchase path monitoring, beauty brands like Shiseido can better understand their consumers’ habits and preferences. Using performance indicators, on top of shortening the customer journey, allows beauty brands to better suit their offer and services according to their respective customer profiles.

This is becoming strategic in ecosystems characterized by the fluidity of consumer buying behavior and the decrease of brand loyalty. Especially for the generation Z that will, in a decade, represent the most influential market segment for a majority of brands and retailers (1). Shiseido brands embrace these movements and continue to expand their collaboration with Swaven. New projects are currently underway.

If you are inspired by Shiseido’s example and interested in improving your marketing assets,  get in touch with the Swaven team.

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