Live Shopping 1

Live shopping : What is it ? – Episode 1

Live shopping enlarges the horizons of E-Commerce

This week, we start to explore the latest trends in live streaming. Live shopping is getting popular in digital communities bringing new opportunities for brands in terms of social selling.

Whether it is for visibility purposes or knowledge-sharing ones, livestream shopping has a growing sales potential attracting all sorts of communities. Over the US’ latest annual shopping festival on July 1st 2020, livestream shopping generated US$449.5m in sales in one day, alone.

Presentation livestream shopping

Live shopping is a new trend that integrates live streaming, which is a feature enabled on most social media sites, with the opportunity to buy items directly from the livestream. It gives customers a more immersive experience than just clicking and filling a virtual shopping cart.

New regulations led to new formats

When habits suddenly became shifted over the first wave of lockdowns around the globe, staying indoor made the digital become anyone’s new reality. As an illustration,  streaming consumption increased 73% from February to March 2020 as the United States began to adopt various quarantine measures.

Us streaming February to March 2020

Live shopping is an increasingly popular resource that forward-thinking brands can use to reach out to new markets, both domestic and international, in an environment where innovation reigns.

The type of conversation live stream allows is invaluable for brands looking to engage with their audience in genuine ways. On the other side, from the customers’ perspective, it creates a connection between the physical and digital worlds. In the current global context, this connection becomes essential.

Creativity as the core of a successful Livestream experience

To make a successful livestream event you need to have several keys in hand.

The first one is to be properly equipped. Indeed, the quality of the livestream will depend on the equipment itself and its mastering. There isn’t a second shot !

The second best practice is to elect the right person to animate the live. This person must be able to deliver all important information regarding the product  in addition to creating intimate connection with the audience.

The third tip is to choose the right place to film. Either going for a professional setting or a casual one in order to align with your own strategy and the message you want to convey.

Next week, we are showing examples of successful live shopping campaigns on these platforms. Stay tuned !

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