Bavaria and 8.6 beer brands accelerate path to purchase with Swaven

Swinkels Family Brewers has chosen Swaven’s shoppable technology to facilitate customer paths to purchase. On the brand websites of Bavaria and 8.6, shoppers get easy and fast access to purchase options of their favorite beverages, from any of the brands’ available online retailers and physical stores. 

Swinkels Family Brewers is the 2nd largest brewery company in the Netherlands and one of the largest producers of malt in Europe . Swaven is very happy to welcome their world renown brands within shoppable brands that place great importance on adapting to different customer preferences while also driving collaborative growth with their retailers.  

New customer journey to fit every consumer taste 

“Beer is enjoyment, it brings people together. That’s why we offer the right beer for every occasion, each with its own taste and character”, the Swinkels Family Brewers describes on their website . 

The group offers over 20 different beer brands. Bavaria and 8.6 are among the most popular but also Swinckels, La Trappe, Palm, Steen Brugge. They also offer non-alcoholic beers such as Bavaria Fruity rosé, or Palm 0;0.

Today, Swinkels also offers a path to purchase for every taste. They redirect consumers from their brand sites to their points of purchase according to consumers’ buying preferences.

Swinkels Family Brewers Brands
Swinkels brands in bottles










When consumers browse 8.6 and Bavaria sites, a purchase button shows up. By clicking on it, shoppers find all accessible retailers selling the product. Swinkels Family Brewers decided to show physical stores as a priority, without forgetting their breweries followed by online retailers. The brand provides a safe and fast customer experience, to create new interactions with the beers lovers!

Here’s an illustration of a consumer’s buying journey on Bavaria and 8.6 brand sites Video vimeo 

Swaven’s PoP (Point of Purchase) solution and where-to-buy technology met with Swinkels Family Brewers’ needs particularly thanks to its simple deployment, reliability, and capacity to automatically adapt to any website content updates.

Beer consumption trends in Europe

“A pint of beer is a king’s meal” William Shakespeare said. In 2020, the European Union is the place around the world  where people drink beer the most. The beer represents the highest alcohol consumption , more than 50% of the alcoholic beverage in 2019. 

Regarding the different trends of European countries, The beer market is really important with more than 2.300.000 indirect and direct employment. Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria are the highest consumers of beer, and Germany, Poland, the United kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands are the highest producers. Swinkels Family Brewers can be proud, because the Netherlands is the 3rd exporter of beer in Europe.

If you’d like to learn more trends and how brands in drinks and spirits sector facilitate purchase path from any media and campaign content, check here 

Contact Swaven to figure out how you also can help your clients discover your brand’s product effectively and securely from all your certified retailers.

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