Live Shopping 3

When Live shopping rimes with challenges – Episode 3

Today, on our topic of Live Shopping (check previous article here), we are introducing challenges brands face in incorporating this new format in their media mix.

The playground of Live shopping is quickly expanding

The benefits of live streaming make it the marketing tool of choice for many businesses affected by the sanitary crisis.

Consumers are adopting the convenience of accessing live content readily available from their mobile devices.

Moreover, live streaming allows the reach to a multicultural internet audience. This might not have been possible in the application of former habits.

Livestream e-commerce estimates in China

This media trend seems to get increasingly popular globally. Indeed, Chinese consumers are expected to spend $300 billion on live shopping products according to Coresight research.

Most of that spending will happen on Taobao Live : the livestream platform held by Alibaba, Chinese’ biggest online retailer.

Disparities emerge between global leading markets

However, many American and European consumers are not buying yet what live streaming apps are selling compared to the dynamics happening in China.

In fact, some say that they are not interested in registering on yet another shopping or social media platform.

When discounts are already available in more traditional ways, some are not ready to take the leap of livestream shopping.

But if American and European brands position themselves with a new value proposition on this media, the dynamic could shake the entire eCommerce ecosystem in just a few months. What’s your bet ?

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