Live Shopping 4

Live shopping : Best practices for multi-distributed brands – Episode 4

To conclude our first series on Live Shopping, today we are presenting the opportunities at stake for multi distributed brands.

Key takeaways for brands regarding Live Shopping

Live shopping platforms have long been associated with gaming. However, brands have now realized the marketing opportunities they represent.

The strength of the live format means that the audience must pay attention or they will miss out on the content offered. Therefore, it presents brands with a huge opportunity to offer immersive live experiences.

Done in a meaningful way, in a way that resonated with audiences, the brand experience is now considered as a must-see entertainment moment.

As mentioned in a previous article, current health measures have affected the physical connection between brands and customers.

Between the cancellation of physical events and the decrease in store traffic, restrictions have offered new opportunities for brands to compensate for the loss of their usual ways.

Unique digital experiences are now allowed through streaming regardless of the brands’ sector of activity.

Best practices in implementing this new format

Electing the right content creators is key to a successful live streaming campaign as they are the intermediate between brands and audience.

Viewers are, first and foremost, attached to a personality, with whom they interact and spend nice moments.

Trust is a pillar to livestream campaigns. Also, there is no editing, no room for pretense and no cut in the video which invites the live stream experience to be raw yet prepared.

Live Shopping 4

Also, the product placements are shown and put in light by the content creators that redirect viewers towards different points of purchase.

In that setting, multi-distributed brands can thrive from this new format by connecting better with their audiences while redirecting them smoothly towards their preferred retailers or DtC websites – on and offline.

In the end, the customer is the ultimate decision maker. Even from the livestreams, multi-distributed brands can cater for all shopper preferences by using adequate redirection tools.

If you are interested in ways brands can ease the path to purchase, don’t hesitate to contact our team ! We would be happy to help you.

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