Bioderma presentation

How Bioderma reaches up to 85% lead conversion rates with optimized paths to purchase – Case Study

From 20% to 85% increase in lead conversion rates, it’s possible! How? By seriously optimizing your shoppers’ paths to purchase. Bioderma, a dermocosmetics brand, demonstrates this in our case study and interview.

Bioderma drives shopper paths to purchase worldwide

Part of the  NAOS group, Bioderma operates in more than 100 countries with a vast portfolio of skincare, hygiene and suncare products. The battle for a qualified audience in this sector is intense and demands today constantly growing digital investments. While harnessing new opportunities, Bioderma needed a solution to ensure tangible business outcomes for their digital presence.

Their objective was to improve and measure their customers’ purchase paths and to boost conversions to their network of Brick & Click pharmacies, drugstores and Healthcare and Beauty category specialists online and offline. Furthermore, Bioderma wanted to measure and monitor their brand funnel performances on both global and local levels. 

Since 2019, Bioderma uses Swaven’s PoP (Point of Purchase) solution in over 25 countries.

Bioderma - Interview Alice Le Goff, Corporate Digital Manager

Get inspired by Bioderma to improve your shoppers’ paths to purchase! Read their  case study and interview here.

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